Bulk Powdered Caffeine – Three Different Ways to Serve It

Bulk powdered caffeine is increasingly gaining popularity as evidenced by the many online companies selling it and the many buyers patronizing the virtual shops. The wide array of benefits cách sử dụng bột thông cống of bulk caffeine powder are responsible for this sought-after status. People take in caffeine primarily to heighten energy levels, to boost alertness and to ward off sleepiness. Approximately 90 percent of the people in the United States consume this stimulant. Fifty percent of the American adult population take in caffeine through sources like coffee, tea, chocolate, colas and many others.

Bulk Powdered Caffeine Served Hot or Cold

Although it is contained in many products, bulk caffeine powder has become widely used because of its many purposes and intake can be controlled or adjusted according to one’s needs and desired quantities. Your desired quantity of this white crystalline powder can be mixed with your favorite beverage as long as it does not already have caffeine in it, otherwise, keep additional quantity at low levels. Make sure to accurately measure bulk powdered caffeine to avoid an overdose.

Bulk powdered caffeine should not be taken in excess of 600 milligrams per single dose and 1,200 milligrams per daily dose. If you take it in excess of the recommended limit, you may experience problems like restlessness, anxiety, heartburn, irritability, high blood pressure, palpitation, insomnia, headaches, nausea, among others. The recommended dosage for pure caffeine vary according to your sensitivity, purpose, time of the day, whether you smoke, and many other factors. But studies have shown that to attain the desired effects of pure caffeine, particularly enhancing endurance and mental function, at the same time keeping it at a safe level is to take it within the range between 200 to 600 milligrams.

Bulk Powdered Caffeine Power Encapsulated

Buying bulk powdered caffeine is a great way to save money on supplements especially for those taking considerable quantities of it regularly, like bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders add pure caffeine in their own custom-made pre-workout beverage. Caffeine has been shown to boost workout performance. Besides mixing it in your favorite beverage, you may also choose to encapsulate bulk powdered caffeine. By doing this, you can mask its bitter taste. Putting the powerful stimulant in capsules will also make it handy and allows you to bring it along with you anywhere. You can even encapsulate bulk caffeine in different dosages. Just make sure to note or use different capsule colors for different dosages to identify which dosage is which. This is a lot cheaper as compared to buying caffeine pills. You may buy empty capsules from the supplies section of certain nutrition stores.


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