Google+ – What Makes It Unique?

Google+ has made a mark in the social networking space. Definitely, Google+ is going to compete with Buy Google Reviews Facebook in the social networking space. This article tries to answer how Google+ is different from Facebook. Reports, indicates that Google+ account base has already crossed the 1 million mark, in the first 16 days of its launch. This figure should have increased many folds by now.

What makes Google+ so popular? In my opinion, one of the outstanding features of Google+, is the concept of circles. In fact, it is nothing more than the “groups” concept available in Facebook. Google+ enables, the management of groups easier and natural. The concept of organizing groups as circles is very thoughtful. It is very difficult in Facebook, to organize your friends in groups.Using the circles concept, Google+ has provided an intelligent solution to this complexity.

Hangout feature is another innovative offering from Google+. Using this option, we can hold a video conference with all our friends at once. But Gmail also provides the capability of video chat. How is hangout different from this? Gmail video chat does not have the capability of video conferencing multiple participants. Hangout provides this flexibility. It has the intelligence to identify the speaker and can switch focus accordingly.

The integration of media on Google+ is very appealing. Photos are large and captivating when they come through your stream. The entire interface looks great.

Another nice feature provided by Google+ is the Instant Upload.Use Instant Upload to automatically save every photo you take with your phone to a private album on Google+. With the android phone user base increasing day by day, this feature is going to attract a lot of users to Google+.

Google’s much promised product “Google Wave” failed miserably because people didn’t really know what it was or how to use it. The reasons were very bad user interface plus poor marketing. Google+, plays it safer by mimicking, the already proven and established universe, of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter etc. In fact Google+ is a new Facebook with additional features and a simple, quick to use GUI.


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