Female Hair Removal – What’s The Best Hair Removal System For You?

Female hair removal can be a nightmare because there’s really nothing fun about pubic hair. It’s thick, coarse and itchy and grows in just about every nook and cranny. Frankly, it’s a pain in the arse, and no matter what stage you’re at in life, having an unsightly lady garden can not only make you feel timid and insecure about anyone going near your inner thighs, but also deter many men from attempting to get past the grossly overgrown gates of your bearded clam.

Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal Near Me at Best

If this sounds like you, then you really need to think about taming your mane, because most women who do feel more comfortable, silky smooth and a hell of a lot more sexy. And when you have a combination like that, all that extra confidence regarding your body usually transpires in to one thing: And that’s more orgasms!

So even if you do like your oysters natural, and are a free spirit who doesn’t believe in grooming your lady garden, if you at least brush the hair on your head then consider a neat trim around the hedges. We’ve all had pash rash before so it’s easy to understand why no man wants to pick sticks out of your bird’s nest!

Choose a female hair removal system that works best for you and no, you don’t have to take it all off just because it may seem everybody else does. The fact is that some women and men do like a little bit of hair. You just have to figure how you like it trimmed and by how much.


Shaving is the best hair removal system when all you want is convenience. It’s cheap, it’s easy and instant and of course painless. Shaving is perfect for when you need that quick hair removal fix. However, the reason why women quickly move on to another female hair removal method is because the results are so short lived. Shaving leads to a 5 o’clock shadow and what was once so brilliantly baby smooth can turn in to a prickly and painful bearded clam and for the unlucky ones, only within a few hours. It also leaves a rather unsightly shaving dermes 好唔好 rash that itches and itches at the worst possible times in the worst possible places! If you’re going to shave, always buy the shavers with the moisturising strip, or use shaving cream to help make the whole process more streamlined and avoid any nicks.

Bikini Trimmer

The bikini trimmer is a groovy little device that does exactly as the same suggests, trims your bikini. This is a must have for any woman because even if you wax or shave, the bikini trimmer is the perfect female hair removal gadget for trimming those areas where you choose to leave a bit of hair. Just like a beard trimmer, you can change the settings depending on how much you want to take off and also adjust the thickness of the hair. The only downside with the bikini trimmer is that if you give yourself a ‘Number 1’ the hair can be a bit prickly to touch for a couple of days before it gradually softens.


One word for waxing, and that’s ouch! Although this one is tried and tested and loved by many, there is no denying that it is painful! If you have never tried it before, if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth paying for a professional to get it over as quickly and easily as possible, rather than mucking around with hot wax, and the torture of trying to pulling the strips off by yourself. Although there are some waxing female hair removal kits that easier to use than others. The great thing about waxing though is that wonderfully clean feeling as a layer of skin and your hair is ripped out from the root. The results are a silky smooth inner thigh and a plush hair free lady mound, like a mini luxurious little pillow, just waiting to be primped. Unfortunately the elation of waxing though can be short lived when you find yourself battling endless ingrown hairs that turn in to rather large pimples. Waxing is always better suited for women who are blessed with thin and sparse pubic hair.

Pubic Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the top of the range when it comes to female hair removal. Although it can be expensive, it’s not as costly as it used to be and the results are fantastically permanent! If you can handle waxing, then you should definitely be able to manage the sensation of the laser that is similar to the snap of an elastic band against your skin. It works by seeking the pigmentation of the hair, zapping it, and disabling the hairs ability to grow. A few weeks after a session, your hair falls out painlessly from the root, and after several sessions the hair stops growing back all together. The only downside to laser hair removal is the smell of your fizzling dying hair follicles as they are zapped out of existence. If you like the idea of this, you can also try laser hair removal at home.


The epilator is also a tried and tested female hair removal system that is well loved by its devotees. The great thing about it is that it pulls the hair out by the root meaning the re-growth is a lot smoother and less thick. Most of them today are portable and battery operated meaning you can take it anywhere at anytime but it must be noted that unlike waxing, it’s not over in one swift movement. It can painstakingly slow and drawn out trying to get every single hair. Unless you are incredibly thick skinned, this one can be better left for the legs rather than the delicate and sensitive bikini area.


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