Are You Humorous? – Listen to Humorous Speaker

All people generally have a humorous streak in them, however morose and dull they may be. Of course, listening to a humorous speaker gets rid of one’s cares and worries. Humor is there in all walks of life. It is necessary to identify it and feel it. When a humorous speaker addresses the audience the humor translates to the people and they are all taken in by it.

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Humorous speakers make people laugh. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. This is something that we all know So, enjoy the laughter evoked by the humorous speaker. Humorous speakers deal with all kinds of subjects. They talk about sports, politics and social events. They give keynote addresses, give after dinner speeches and generally touch upon any topic of discussion. They bring the humorous angle which makes the whole speech interesting.

When an organization arranges a meeting and the subject is a very dry and dull, a humorous speaker can put life into it. The audience will be completely captivated by the humorous speaker and the subject will be better understood and retained. The humorous speaker will definitely improve the whole show and people will always remember it.

The humorous speakers give anecdotes, stories and give examples from life and personal experience to make people relate to what they are listening. The humorous speaker has to be both a professional speaker and a competent speaker. The best humorous speakers are members of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS).

Humorous speakers give speeches that are tailored to suit individual customer’s needs. Each occasion demands a different type of approach and speech. The speaker with a speech laced with humor can go a long way in effectively putting across the ideas and views held by the particular organization and the views of the people involved.

It is very essential to feel the pulse of the audience and catch their attention. The humorous speaker is able to do just that. Even the most disinterested person in the audience benefits from a humorous speech. The attention is caught by the humor. Once the interest is shown by the audience, the rest of the task becomes easy.

The humorous speaker speaks in friendly manner, easing the situation and giving funny anecdotes. These are ideas that people can relate to and it makes them laugh. Thus, the rapport between the speaker and the audience is established. The speaker now has the audience with him. They are eager and ready to listen to him and follow whatever suggestions and ideas that are given.

The humor in a speech is the only way in which the audience can keep awake throughout a speech. Sometimes, the professional speaker might speak for an hour but what he has said might not have got across to the audience merely because of the lack of the humor element in it.

Even motivational speakers depend on humor to get their views across. The audience will be ready to listen, become motivated and follow whatever the speaker says because the element of humor has established the connect between the speaker and the audience.

A professional speaker is one who takes up public speaking as a profession. A keynote address is the first speech given at the beginning of a program. This sets the mood of the whole show. If the keynote speech captivates the audience, the whole program will be a success. So, a professional keynote speaker has a great job on hand. There are many tips that can be followed to become a good professional keynote speaker.

The first thing that a professional keynote speaker has to learn is to learn to give good speeches. This can be done by listening to great speakers and observing how they put their views across to the audience. The response of the audience can also be observed and the speaker can try to add all the things that will enhance the speech.

Professional speaking demands practice, practice and more practice. So, the best way to improve is to give a lot of speeches. The main point is to have a passion for speaking. This will definitely fetch results. It is also necessary to read a lot and improve one’s knowledge so that he can talk about the subject on hand – effectively and convincingly.

The dress worn by the speaker is of utmost importance. You should dress in a professional manner. Effective body language should be used to pass on the message to the audience. He should try to be in the audience’s shoes. He should think how they will react to all that he says. This will be the best way to assess oneself.

Professional speakers offer courses, have books and other teaching aids that will help a person become a professional speaker. These teaching programs and aids will make the speaker popular and in demand. This will get him offers to give the keynote address.

Information about professional speaking can be obtained through the internet. A person can get information through newsletters. One can become a member of speakers’ organizations, like the National Speakers Association. There are also the American Training and Seminar Association and The Advanced Public Speaking Institute which give good exposure to people who want to become effective keynote speakers.
Professional speaking for a targeted audience will in course of time make a speaker, a keynote speaker. The simple reason for this is that the keynote address has to be very compelling and effective. This can be achieved only with practice.

A keynote address becomes very important, right from a conference, a political party meeting to a small function. The main aim of the professional keynote speaker is to motivate the audience in the direction of the organized function and make the person engrossed in the proceedings. So, the keynote address should be interesting. It would be good to start the speech with a quotation. This always proves more effective than a general statement. Then, the speaker should speak about the function, the organization that is conducting the meeting and the host of the day. The speech should be interspersed with quotations, verses and examples to give an overview of the occasion. It should be witty and captivating. The overall mood of the audience should be so uplifted as to be eager to continue to look forward to the proceedings that follow.


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