Best Wholesale Sources and Dropshipping Information

By now you should know that getting wholesale sources and dropshipping information on the Internet is pretty easy and simple. There are thousands of websites advertising every kind of wholesale distributor list on the Internet for the sole purpose of getting your money. Many of this sites promise you that you can earn $100,000 a year and there are even many sites that guarantee you over $500,000 a year in offline and online income profits by just purchasing their so called wholesale list, or eBay powerseller secrets.

However, let me tell you from the start that the only way for getting wholesale sources and dropshippers that specialize directly with true moneymaking wholesale products, is through an expert that has been In the business of wholesale for years scrape google search results. These days, with the economy getting worse and families fighting to scrape by with their jobs, there is no better time to join the millions of people that already make a great living from the comfort of their own homes.

I have bought from numerous scams over the years, and have had to weed out the parasites that take your money from the honest distributors. As a long time wholesale entrepreneur, I have found hundreds of outdated contacts and plenty of headaches before I decided to put my experience and knowledge together, to compile one of the webs largest resources for reliable, trustworthy and profitable wholesalers and distributors that deliver you both the lowest possible prices online and the best delivery time. As you many of you know by now, you can just go to Google AdWords and see a lot of promotions in regards to people selling list, you can also go to Yahoo search marketing and see a lot of advertising all the right side of your screen as like Google. I have probably bought from most of them and have weeded out the garbage from the true moneymaking sources.

While RSS feeds are all the rage on many blog sites these days, if you are thinking of including another site’s articles and daily blog text in your content for your website, stop thinking that way right now. This is called “scraping” and it is illegal in every sense of the word. Stealing full content from somebody else’s site is not only plagiarism, it is just plain unethical as well.

Google will not blink once as it bans your site permanently from its search engine pages, and that is just the start. No one will want to do business with you and you will be seen forever as an internet charlatan just looking for a quick buck, the worst kind of internet scum. It’s much better to just start writing as many content-heavy articles as you possibly can for your site. If you aren’t able to write worth a lick, pay a professional who can. You’re much better off in the long run.
Even if you are not a professional writer, you should be able to find some starving writers out in the internet world who will write you a few blogs or informative articles that you are looking for at a minimal fee. Just make sure that the articles the writer creates for you are exclusive to your site only. There are many other article sites such as that will let you use their sites for free, so why pay for something that would cost you nothing otherwise?

When you submit the articles you have written to other article directories, you have to include your web site’s URL address at the bottom of all of your articles or else the time and effort you have put into writing them will go for nothing. You will soon become an expert in your field the more you write about one or more subjects over and over again, and soon you will have a fan base of rabid readers just itching to see what the next informative article you have written is all about.
If you have a niche subject that you are just dying to start writing, that would be a great first step in attempting to accumulate at least fifty articles to embed in your website that will leave you with ultimate online success. You probably already have at your fingertips a variety of tips, hints and tricks related to your niche subject, so why not start writing about that topic immediately?


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