The Advantage of Owning Movies

Movies, or motion pictures, are an example of visual entertainment that have enjoyed enormous popularity in almost every country on earth. A movie, also known as a motion picture, short movie or video, is typically a commercial work of visual arts used to simulate real experiences that convey ideas, stories, emotions, beauty, or ambiance through the medium of moving pictures. Motion pictures and their effects can be visualized by using pre-existing scripts, or by writing new scripts based on existing stories voiceofandhra. Movie directors and producers are often faced with the challenge of coming up with new stories and plots to keep their films from becoming stale or old-fashioned.

The process of creating a successful motion picture must begin with a concept. Ideas for movies often originate with an idea for a story, a specific plot, or the development of an idea for a character or a scenario. The idea for a movie must be well thought out in order to make it a good motion picture. There are three basic types of ideas for movies:

Feature films are directed by mainstream studios such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, Fox Searchlight, and Disney producer Dreamworks. Feature films are usually made for release in the theaters. The majority of feature films are not successful at the box office, but are successful in generating media attention and critical acclaim Guduputani Movie Review. The best selling feature films are directed by Walt Disney, producing a huge financial impact on the motion picture industry.

TV showrunning, miniseries, short movies, and other related formats are produced by independent producers and companies. TV showrunning usually involves a network of stations, each producing their own program. The network pays the production company for the rights to air a specific movie or series of movies. The success of a TV show often depends on how well the studio marketed the movie or series. Many TV shows have extended hypothetical examples that give a viewer a glimpse into what the characters do in the story.

The third type of eventful movie is the fictional event. Movie theatres sometimes show eventful movies that take place in completely non-traditional settings, such as a location shot in front of a limo or a place set up like the set of a high fashion magazine shoot. Events that are considered eventful include newsworthy events (such as the recent corporate restructuring at Enron that resulted in large job losses at major corporations worldwide), major life events, and events that are perceived to have significant social impact (for example, the uprising against the Iraq War).

Eventful movies may take on many forms. Some movies are dramatic thrillers, while others are comedies (in particular, family movies with lots of laughter). In some cases, the focus of the movie is on a single character or an ensemble of characters. And finally, there are movies that take their themes from real-world events (for example, movies about natural disasters and others). But the bulk of movie viewing consists of viewing movies that involve action and adventure, which make them eventful.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a collection of movies? For one thing, movie theaters are convenient. All you have to do is arrive at the theater, pay your entrance fee, and sit down to enjoy a quality movie. There are no lines to wait in, no talking children to distract you, no worries about tip service or anything else. Plus, you can often rent a specific amount of movies, so you never have to come up with the money to purchase a bunch of DVDs. The convenience of having movies at home may be the one big advantage to owning DVDs over VHS tapes or CDs.


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