Online Trading In Commodities

We have all seen the riotous looking images of the London Stock Exchange or the Wall Street stock market where hundreds of people shout and scream at the tops of their voices and wave their arms all over the place. We have also heard how the people that are lucky enough to land a job like that make cash with ease and are apparently “rolling in it”, money that is. We have heard of the massive bonuses these people can earn for themselves and we have heard also of the so called “rogue traders” that gamble away millions, or even billions of pounds.

But have we all heard that this type of trading and money making can be done from the comfort of your own home, without the hassles that obviously go with the London job. Have we also heard that people have invented systems similar Dewa Poker, if not the same as gambling systems that leave minimum risk with very good returns to the user. Well, if you haven’t read on to find out.

There are many platforms now available on the internet which allows people to trade from home. Trade in Gold and other precious metals, in foreign currency, in stocks and shares.


Spot gold trading can be done form anywhere in the world in what is known as an Over The Counter market (OTC) and it operates from Sunday evening until Friday evening which makes it very convenient no matter what your time zone is. You can trade online from many different Forex trading websites. Gold prices change all the time based on supply and demand.

Exactly the same principle can be taken to start trading in oil, or silver and plenty of other commodities. When trading in currencies the trader is basically buying one currency and selling the other. If you were to try this home approach you would be “betting” or gambling on whether or not one type of currency will go up or down against another type, e.g. US dollar against the English pound, or Japanese Yen against the US dollar etc. When trading in gold it is simply the gold price against the US dollar or against the UK pound.

Let’s say you buy a single lot of gold, a lot being say 10 ounces, at $800 per ounce, so $8,000 total. The spot gold market rallies, and a few hours later you sell the spot gold at $805 per ounce, or $8,050 total. You made $50. That doesn’t sound very much but remember you will likely have many such “bets”, because you don’t actually have to pay $800 for each one.

CURRENCY TRADING – FOREX (foreign exchange)

There is a good chance you have already taken part in some kind of FOREX trading. For instance, when you go on holiday abroad you will probably have exchanged some of your own currency for the currency in the country that you visited. Then when you come back from that holiday, you might have been lucky enough to still have some money left and so you may have gone back to the exchange to change it back to the currency of your own country. While you had your holiday the exchange rates may have changed one way or the other and this could have resulted in you making a slight gain or slight loss when you do the second exchange. This is pretty much what currency trading is about except you do it live while the currencies are fluctuating on a daily basis.

With FOREX you can win regardless of whether or not the currency goes up or down, as long as you bet the right way of course, and this makes FOREX trading extremely appealing and potentially very lucrative for anyone willing to give it a go. There are many resources and education places online that will teach you exactly how to do all this and more for free. Furthermore, a lot of the online trading websites allow you to open a dummy trading account for free so that you can test the systems out.


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