Team Up Your Blogging and Social Networking For Increased Traffic To Your Website

Failure to use social book-marking and social networking with your blogging is like creating a jigsaw with only half the pieces.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get free targeted traffic to your website is with blogging. However, creating a blog and keeping it updated is only a fraction of the work of the story. One of the thriving blog strategies involves taking advantage of social networking sites to promote your blog posts.

Making social bookmarking sites submissions should be a duty of your daily Internet business activities because numerous people use these sites as their principal source of information A favourite social news site such as Digg creates considerable traffic. Digg, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and other social sites have millions of visitors a year and you can have a share in it.

People visit sites like Digg and StumbleUpon to discover fresh news and to share their own content. If users love what they see, they can choose the website article, and if a website article or blog post becomes a favorite, it will push up to the top pages of Digg and be discovered by millions of visitors. StumbleUpon and other social sites utilize a similar selection system.

More than that, when you’re blogging frequently and social bookmarking your posts, you’re increasing your business or personal branding. The trick is to ensure you use keywords that individuals are using to research your kind of business.

Social marketing can also supply your blog a superb push up in search engine rankings, plus you could discover that you are able to get your website into the top ten of Google for a sweeping variety of keyword terms if you take a controlled approach.

You get a secondary benefit too; you’re building one-way backlinks to your blog, so it’s worth your time in making the effort to post your blog posts with social marketing. Besides, it’s easy to do and quite frequently necessitates just a mouse-click or two to achieve your posting.

Remember to keep your social posting under control. It’s not necessary to submit your blog posts to every social networking site you can find. Besides, if you’re using WordPress as your blogging platform, much of your social posting can be automated. Don’t drown in the chore of book-marking your site on every social site, select a choice few and focus your attention on them, generating routine entries to those social networking sites. The rest of your time could be utilized to post irregular submissions to additional social sites where you would like to keep up a presence.

Blogging and content marketing are great ways to build loyal readers and customers. But, one of the biggest challenges using this approach is the on-going need for great ideas for content such as blog posts. Eventually in every blogger’s life there comes a point where they’ve run out of ideas. It seems like there is no fresh angle, or no new idea that will make good quality content for their readers.

If you are in this situation you know that it can be very frustrating. This is especially true if you’ve established a fairly frequent posting schedule – for example once per day. But you can reduce your frustration and get some great new ideas for content using the following tips – something we call the REAL method:

 Yes you’ve probably re-used your content in the past to create some new blog posts. But in this case we’re talking about taking your existing content and putting it under the light of a current event. Let’s say you’ve got a blog on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. At the time of this writing Apple has just announced the release of its iPad 2. Can you take a previous post on healthy breakfasts and tie it to an app in the Apple App Store? How about comparing exercise to the Apple product launch (sure the iPad 2 looks good, but it’s all of the exercises done behind the scenes that have come together to create a fit, lean, product).

 What can you evaluate? Going back to your nutrition and healthy lifestyle blog, are there any new products? New foods, new equipment, new supplements? What can you evaluate the will provide value to your readers? Better yet, can you put together a tutorial on how-to use the new equipment or how-to cook the new foods? There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of product introduced annually – you can use these as a never-ending supply of blog posts.


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