Latest Apps Available on Google Play Store

If you do not own an Apple device you need not be disappointed as now you have much more to do with your Google powered gadget. Downloading the latest apps available on Google App store for instance will get you going and allow you to enjoy your Android Smartphone. Let us have a look at what is in the offering for Android users this week.

The Xbox SmartGlass is a free to download app by Microsoft. Now whether or not you have an Xbox, you can still enjoy the gaming experience with your Android powered Smartphone. You can gain control of your TV shows, movies, music, browse internet and utilize other features from your console buy google play downloads. Who knows you might be able to use it as a second screen for gaming. Nonetheless, the tab users still need to wait for its another version to launch.

Britannica has come out with an app for kids priced at $1.98. Britannica Kids is an app that is designed to teach kids a lot about subjects related to academics. Kids can easily learn while having fun about various subjects including about solar system, ancient Rome, Aztec empire, knights and castles, dinosaurs, rainforests, snakes, ancient Egypt and volcanoes. The content presentation is easy to grasp with images, interactive media and little text for description.

Rockford Musical Audiobooks app is yet another app designed for kids. However, with this app there is a catch; you will receive the first volume for free, for the next three chapters you will have to shell out an amount of The kids will love this app, as they will have an enhanced story experience as the storytelling is narrated along with the pictures and music to add to the fun.


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