Names And Necklaces On Personalized Sterling Jewelry

From putting name tags on books and notebooks, to putting names on jewelry, personalizing is becoming all the rage nowadays. It has become a popular trend for jewelers to engrave names on necklaces, bracelets, and rings to show what belongs to whom, or to give as gifts, or simply to display your name.

Many jewelers would attest that more and more people want to have names put on their accessories. Personalizing can range from buying simple pendants (or not-so-simple ones hair barrette wholesale, as those that Tiffany and Co sells) to having names and words engraved on precious metals like gold and more popularly, in silver. This is usually done to display one’s name, or the name of their loved one. A variety of personalized sterling name necklaces are available to suit one’s budget and style.

Sterling silver wires make up the simplest kind of name necklaces. Pliable, plated wires are bent into different shapes of cursive letters. This kind of necklace has an atmosphere of being vintage and rustic because it achieves the effect of a literally written word or name. Script or cursive style is often used, and there are usually no limitations as to the length or number of letters in the name or word. These type of necklaces, being the most simple, are also the most inexpensive among the name necklaces available in the market today.

Personalized sterling name necklaces today can be fully customized. Manufacturers make these especially for the individual. The customer can choose from almost any lettering or size; the company usually has a wide variety of styles and shapes to choose from, such as multi-color, block, or script styles available for you. Names can be found on bracelets, rings, or even earrings.

Name necklaces can usually be made only with silver or gold, but customers can request for additions to make it more personal. Birthstones or precious gems can also be cast together with names to make it more significant to you. Customers can also have shapes incorporated into their names, such as hearts or stars, in order to compliment the name but not overwhelm its presentation. Some styles can also allow customers to put in two names; these are targeted to couples who want to immortalize their union. Many musicians have also added their own style to the mix; diamond-encrusted names are commonly worn by socialites and celebrities.


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