Who Invents Algebra

Algebra should be taught in high schools. However, who created it? It was discovered and created at different times and locations. These discoveries and other new ideas eventually led to what we all call algebra today.

It is possible to find fundamental ideas that are related to algebra that were discovered multiple time by different people. It was called comment in ancient times for discoveries to occur whoinvented.info simultaneously by different individuals, because news was slow to travel.

Algebra in Ancient History

Ancient Babylon and Egypt were two of the most influential places in the development of algebra. While each civilization used algebra in a different way and for different reasons it is common knowledge that it was the Babylonians that first introduced basic algebra and pioneered mathematics. This evidence is available from as far back at 1900 to 1600 BC. The Plimpton322 tablet, which is also known as the Plimpton322 tablet, displays Pythagorean threes and other forms math.
Babylonian algebra may have occurred simultaneously with Egyptian algebra. But Babylonian algebra was far more advanced. They explored quadratic as well as cubic equations. However, the Egyptians continued to focus on linear equations. They also had flexible operations which the Egyptians didn’t know how to use or hadn’t developed yet. It was easy to understand things like factoring or using positive roots.

There are many documents that still exist from the ancient Egyptian period, which show they used simple linear algebras. Although the documents were from the same period, historians have not been capable of finding any evidence suggesting that they were the same level as Babylonians. The Egyptians created a method called false position, which allows for multiple equations to can be solved in an iterative fashion.


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