3 Tips to Finding Your Ideal Caterer

There comes a time in your life where you sit down at the kitchen table and sigh “We’ll need to find a caterer”. For years, Idaho Falls has been a thriving center in the catering industry of Idaho. Yet, there are few who specialize in catering and even fewer who cater in tantalizing sweet chocolate. If there is food and its an event, it can be catered. So, what do you look for to find the perfect caterer for you?

When you sit down with a potential caterer for the first time, take notice of what they do. If they immediately start showing you what options and special ‘packages’ they have available, you want to be careful. You don’t want someone who doesn’t care about your event. When they don’t ask about the details and dreams you have, it’s a good indicator they are better at giving generalized, impersonal service. Look for a caterer who wants to know what you envision–someone who gets to know you and your event and then works towards attaining what you want.

A major attitude factor shows when discussing options. You shouldn’t have to ask for every detail. Instead, the caterer should be willing to offer up pertinent information that may be of use or helpful. You also want a caterer who gives you all the information you need to know before you start making decisions. You don’t want to decide on all these details, only to find out that it might not be available on the day you need or is more expensive than you thought. A true professional catering will allow you to make your choices with a full knowledge of the details and logistics.

Look for a caterer who is accessible when you need them. Unanswered phone calls or emails are not professional and should not be acceptable to you. You are the boss and they need to give you the attention and respect owed to you. Also, if a caterer isn’t prompt and reliable, why would you trust them with the intricacies involved in your event? They need to show you that they can be relied on. A good caterer knows how to handle the time it takes to produce an event, even if they have other clients. Their focus should be on you when they are with you.

An outstanding and well-known reputation shows that the company is well established and able to produce quality service for their clients. And yet, you don’t have to rely on what is on the Internet or the local gossip. Instead, you can go straight to the company and ask for their credentials. A good caterer can and will give ready proof that they are the caterer you want to hire.

Don’t go to the most expensive catering business and choose it based only on the price. There is no guarantee that high priced food means high quality food. Look deeper and find out if they use fresh ingredients in everything or cut corners and buy things pre-made. Simply be straight forward in asking the caterer the questions you want to know about them.

When delving into the cost aspect of the event, know that a caterer should be flexible and work with you in getting the most out of your budget. The caterer should be able to create a personalized package, that may include alterations from the original basic package, without completely skyrocketing the cost. You want a caterer who looks to make your event the way you want it, for the price you want it.

You can also ask the cater to create a sample menu. By doing this you can give the caterer your budget and not only see how the food all tastes, but also see how far the caterer is willing to go in order to please you and what you will get with your budget. Will the caterer do everything they can for you or will they come up short when you need them the most? Find out before you hire them.

Find out the logistics of everything included in the cost and in the contract. Cost is generally based on headcount. It can be anywhere from $10 to $150 a person. It all depends on what is included. Be sure to ask if staffing, cutlery, glasses, and other extra items are included in the price. You don’t want to assume anything.


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