So You Want Your Own Website?

to go to their web page, their domain name is the part. How do you get a domain name for yourself? There are lots of places to get one. The most widely known place is They are very competitive, spend lots on the GoDaddy girls advertising at sporting events like the Superbowl and are growing, so they must be doing something right. I used, for my website and they seem to be a great place to obtain a domain name. Once you have a domain name, hosting is step discussed in step 2 below.

Step 2 – You need a place to host your site GoDaddy email login. Web Hosting services are companies that stack up, lots of servers in a building and offer them out to individuals and businesses to host their websites on. They do this for a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. These types of businesses usually put packages of services together and charge so much a month, quarter or year for the service. The web hoster that I like, is a Houston based company, that is very competitive, and is growing, which means they must be doing something correctly. That site is They are a turn-key site and can help you in all aspects of hosting any size website you want to create, from small to large.

Step 3 – Now that you have a domain name and a place to host your site, the hard stuff starts. The next step in the process of getting your own website working online, is the creation of an attractive website, that people will want to visit and possibly, buy something from. I know that both hostgator and have site builders, or tools that allow you to build up a site, and be online post haste! Talk with them if you want to discuss their services. You can also build your own site using software from any number of companies, one of the most widely used and one of the largest of which would most likely be Adobe’s Dreamweaver.

Step 4 – Now let’s assume that you have a site built, and ready to put up online. Next step is to transfer the files you created, that is your website, and put them inside the server space you are renting from the web hoster in step 2. If you create the website at home using your own software, you have to create the files on your computer and transfer them to the web hoster’s computer, in order to get them online. The software has tools built-in that assist with this, using the server name and address that you will get from the web hoster. Once the file transfer is done successfully, your site will be ONLINE! Anytime someone, that has internet access, types in your web address they will be directed to your web hoster’s server and then to your spot, inside that server where your files reside and they will see your website online!

Step 5 – The last and ongoing step is to maintain the content on the site. If you created it with software at home, you will use that software to keep the site current with updates, when necessary. One of the most important things you can do to be successful online, is to create a site with current, interesting and relevant information. When you make a change to the site, you will transfer the files to the hoster to “update” the files on the host server. When that is done correctly, anyone that now goes to your web address will see the new and updated files. If you use the hoster’s software to create the site, you will go back there to make changes and send them to the hoster’s server. Once the change is done and transferred correctly, the online site is updated. The hoster’s server will now send out the newly updated pages, when someone goes online and types in your web address.

Conclusion – Regardless of what you are doing, there is always easy, and then there is hard. Sometimes picking easy is the best to meet your needs right now, and you can switch to hard later on, but there are trade-offs. Easy, when you talk about a website creation and updates, might be best handled by someone, that knows what they are doing and can get it done right and take away the headaches for you. That may cost you up front in terms of a fee (paying someone for their expertise). These people don’t work for free and you usually get what you pay for. One suggestion, if someone else is doing your website, make sure you maintain the rights to the website they are creating for you. Make sure they provide you access, to make changes on your own, and a copy of the files they are transferring, whenever they do updates. That way someone can come in after they are gone, and make changes to the website. You aren’t stuck with a website that is online, that has to be reworked completely, if you have to fire them for some reason, or they disappear on you.

The Hardest and most inexpensive way, would be learning to use software like Adobe’s Dreamweaver, to create your own websites with. You will have complete control over your website, and can make changes easily and inexpensively. The hard part is, there is a learning curve associated with learning to use a software package designed to create websites with. There is also a learning curve, to understanding how to make a great website, that looks good, and can be found by the search engines.

When you hire someone to create a website for you, you should hire someone experienced and has created other websites that are attracting traffic to them. Part of designing a website is creating the back-end HTML code, that make it easier for the search engines to find it. That process is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

This is a huge topic, but I wanted to give you some basic steps that you have to go through, to get a website up and on the internet. Maybe in future articles, I will take each step and expand it and go into more detail. Anyway, here you go, I hope this helps. A website can be a great way for someone to reinvent themselves. It is a pretty complex task to put together, but when all the pieces that make up a website come together, the results can be play an important part in the process of reinventing yourself.


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