Credit Card Debt – How to Fight Credit Card Companies and Pay Per Delete

Credit repair is a service offered by some companies to help improve your credit rating. It is done through various methods; however, it is not a very difficult process. Most companies charge a small fee for the service, however, others are available for free. The most important advantage of using the services of credit repair companies is that they do all the dirty work so that you do not have to deal with it yourself. In most cases, you can easily get back on track with a good credit score by using their services.

Credit repair software helps consumers to fix errors and other wrong information on their credit reports and thus to improve their Credit rating. One of the first steps to take when beginning the process of credit repair is to order for a copy of your credit reports Credit Repair Services from the three major reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). Each of the agencies keeps a report on your financial activities. Once you obtain a copy of your reports, check it for any incorrect information as well as false information. Correcting this will aid you in getting a better rating.

After obtaining the credit reports, the next step in the credit repair process is to look for the problems on them. This is best done by comparing all the details provided by each agency and identifying those accounts which need immediate attention. Once you identify such items, you should write to the credit reporting agency and request for explanations regarding their removal. You may also request that they be deleted from your credit history completely. If you find that such written contracts exist between you and the credit reporting agency, then you can demand for them to be removed from your credit history.

Some credit repair customers feel that it is better to remove certain information which is wrong or irrelevant from their reports. However, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. In case of agencies, it is always safer to get the written consent of the person who wrote the contract rather than going by the word of mouth practice. Agencies have to prove that they have the legal right to sell such information.

There are people who feel that credit repair companies should not contact them. They argue that they are not interested in knowing about the problems caused by the incorrect information. This is not a correct approach. Rather, the credit repair organizations must contact them and try to solve the problem. Credit bureaus would be able to provide solutions to such problems only when contacted directly. The credit repair organizations can even contact you if you give them permission to do so.

When you get a credit card statement from your bank, don’t ignore it. Instead, follow the above-mentioned tips and dispute the incorrect information with the bank. Credit card companies pay per delete though it might not seem like it, but you will end up paying less eventually.


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