How To Transfer a Domain Name to a New Owner

Whether you are trying to sell your domain name or the whole of your website, it is very crucial that you know the processes involved in transferring the domain name to a new owner. In the next few lines, I will be walking you through a step-by-step guide on how to do this…

The first thing to note is that the transfer process can be slightly different from one domain name registrar to another. Although, the ideas are still pretty much the same with every domain name registrar f95zone. You will basically need to click on a part of your domain name control panel on the domain name registrar network to initiate the transfer and fill some information of the receiver/new owner in the form provided by your domain name registrar.

For Godaddy, you need to know the receiver’s “Account email address”. On NameCheap network, you need the “Authorization Code” and the “buyer’s Username” (NB! The receiver must have his/her personal details entered in his/her NameCheap account or the domain transfer will fail).

I’ve just finished hand coding the beginning’s of my website, and it validated at HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1. So, after purchasing my domain name, and hosting, I thought I would walk you through how the latter part of that process went as it was fairly interesting doing so for the first time godaddy email. Just a little note here, I purchased my domain name through, and the web hosting from I chose these two business’s because they have both earned solid reputations judging by the reviews I have been reading. As such, this article will cover the basic steps needed to find and purchase your own URL(or, domain name) with, pick a hosting plan from, and then complete your purchase. Finally, I will walk you through changing the nameserver’s ( so that your URL links to your hosting space where all of your website files will be stored. Before we start, I should note that you will need to have an active, valid Paypal account, or a major credit card to purchase your own URL and hosting space.

STEP ONE: Go to and use the domain search bar (located top right of the GoDaddy homepage) to check the availability of your desired website name. Picking a domain name is definitely a subject for another post so we will skip this for now.

STEP TWO: If your desired URL is available it will take you to a page where you can select more versions of the URL you chose. For Example if your URL was, the other versions suggested might be, or If this is your first website I might recommend skipping these other option’s, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking on the “Add and Proceed to Checkout” button.

STEP THREE: The next page is also an offering of alternate URL’s. Again, If new to this, you probably should click on the “No Thanks” button at the bottom of the page for now.

STEP FOUR: This next page is mainly for selecting how long you would like the domain for before you have to renew it and purchasing add-on’s. Do this by selecting the time period desired from the dropdown menu(near the top of the page). There are add ons you can buy below with your domain if you like. Select “No Thanks” to the bottom box #4(unless you want them to email you their news) and After you are done, click on the “continue” button at the bottom of the page.


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