Mario Games – Most Identifiable Name in the Online Gaming World Today!

When you think of games, gaming consoles, and any other topics under the umbrella of gaming, one of the most popular names that has always been constantly mentioned by all kinds of people, happens to be in regards to Mario universe.

The constant struggles between Mario and all of his enemies enthralled gamers young and old alike. Rescuing the Princess, his brother Luigi, the mushroom kingdom, and anyone else in distress had everyone coming back for more. The levels were simple; the game play had originally featured side scrolling adventure and fun F95zone. As the games progressed, the times moved on, the games always maintained a loyal and large fan base. Always willing to replay the games, finding even a decade later fans pick up any one of the original games, and popping it in to play and relive some of those childhood memories. Features constantly added to the games such as newly added characters, and objectives keep the game alive and fun.

Some of the most popular games came from later gaming consoles and involved a full cast of Mario and friends involved in various sports games. These games generated an insane amount of buzz for a series that people had followed since the days when console gaming had not been very popular.

To this day, this game seems to have remained a series that will just never die. New games constantly keep people interested, and even continuously brought people back to the old classics. The games we enjoyed previously are now available in ways previously unknown to some gamers.

You can find a fan base so passionate about this game online, that they have created a fully self sufficient Mario universe that features custom made games, based on our old favorites. These games allow us to get a new fix of the old fun we miss in days when quick games and guns are the most prevalent features. These games vary from side scrolling adventures with new twists, to games that are new twists on old favorites. Even some fans made some sports games with the entire Mario roster.

These games may not be the most technologically advanced or visually pleasing games that you are used to, but you will find these games not only are fun, but have some of the most in depth story lines based on the fans ideas that will keep you coming back for more!

Gaming is the latest rage that is slowly cropping up especially with the younger generation. Do not rush to the conclusion that games are just played by teenagers, there are men who have taken gaming as a profession and are making their ends meet by participating in gaming competitions. The gaming that will be looked into in this article will be online gaming, with the help of a computer. Internet is growing rapidly, this has paved the way for the explosive growth of the online gaming arena, which we shall be looking into on the course of this article.

There exists distinct difference between the games that are played offline and the online games. The first major difference is that for playing offline games you need not have an internet connection. The game will be available in suitable media, you are just required to install the game and start playing. Things are not easier in the other category. You will have to ensure that you have a dedicated internet connection at all times, for normal game play. Well they are known as online games for a reason and it is this.

Online games are classified into browser-based games and non-browser based games. The browser-based games can be played within the internet browser. The other just needs an internet connection for smooth game play. They are also divided into paid online games and free online games. There is nothing much to be explained in here, while one is free for the taking, the other will have you spending some heard earned money. Free online games can be addictive and with the passage of each day, the number of free online games that are available for the taking is slowly increasing.


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