Core Concepts for Technology Literacy

Technology has changed the face of business in many ways. It is a very broad umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different things. It seems to be growing at a rapid pace and many people don’t fully understand it. In order to gain an understanding of it, you need to learn about some of its broad definition and some of the key examples of technology Xfinity store near me.

Technology is any methods, processes, or skills utilized in the achievement of goals, including scientific research or in the development of products or services. Broadly speaking, the scope of technology is the collective set of knowledge and skills used to facilitate the performance of human activities. One can broadly divide it into three categories which include natural resources, information systems, and learning and training systems. Let’s take a closer look at these three technology fields.

Information and education technology includes all the computer-related activities that contribute to making the teaching process efficient. In addition to this, it covers the broad patterns such as e-moderation, technology integration, web technologies, educational content, multimedia tools, educational games, and teacher support technologies. All these have to be deployed in various contexts so as to achieve effective implementation. A combination of computer hardware and software, networks, storage media, input/output devices, compact discs, digital camera, video recorder, web browser, audio software, and other technologies are deployed for this purpose. This technology also covers the broad areas of communication, computer network, digital asset management, educational network, online education, e curricula, multimedia project, internet, and virtual classrooms.

All the above mentioned technologies are designed for imparting information and ideas in an interactive manner to the students. The objective of this technology education is consistent development of various skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, information technology knowledge, financial management, technical skill development, computer applications, and soft skills. This enables the students to effectively use the same for their own advantage in business, finance, medicine, arts & recreation, etc.

The most important part of technology literacy is information and awareness about various technological concepts. This helps them to utilize these concepts for their own benefit. Some of the important technological concepts are used as:

Education is a continuous process and involves teaching for learning. It is a process through which people gain knowledge and skills through systematic methods. This involves building of knowledge base and application of those concepts for effective use in daily life. A concept is understood when people can practice it successfully in different contexts. Therefore, core concepts are very essential for imparting knowledge and developing skills.


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