When you look at a Samsung A22

, you will instantly notice its thin, sleek design and the way it fits into your pocket or purse. The phone feels sturdy when you hold it in your hand. You can even operate it easily with just ease.

There are many body tones available for consumers: black, silver, white and clear purple. The best impressions on the first look have to come from the apt placement of the finger scanner on the Samsung A22 screen. While this can be placed on any handset, the Samsung A22 and the LG Incredible 2 will feel right at home when placed side by side. The A22’s bigger and taller internal storage space helps it hold more apps as well as longer documents.

The microSD slot is there to allow users to add more songs or videos to their phone, which is a plus on most a Samsung A22 models. This can also be used to add memory to your Samsung smartphone or to add a second battery, should you wish to do so. The front and rear cameras on the A22 are quite small and do not capture high-quality images like those on other smartphones. These two factors contribute to why this smartphone does not rate very highly when it comes to camera performance.


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