The Basics of Creating an Internet Business Website

Many entrepreneurs spend countless hours building and tweaking their product or service. This inventive process is the heart and soul of many Internet businesses. An entrepreneur may be tempted to feel that their work is done when they place their product or service on the market. Unfortunately, this is no time to sit back and watch the sales roll in because they won’t, unless you create an effective Internet marketing plan.

Internet marketing begins with a website or host of websites for your Internet business GoDaddy email login. Many business owners are experts in their field and/or have created a unique, innovative product, but they may not know how to create a website. Tread carefully as you create your Internet website so that you don’t spend time or money on ineffective website hosting, design, and marketing methods.

Following are four basic tasks you need to accomplish to create an Internet website for your business. This article provides direct recommendations of specific businesses as these businesses have a proven track record.

Therefore, you are much better off by avoiding from the beginning and going with if you want to avoid potential headaches with your domain name.

Regarding Web hosting, there are many quality Web host providers out there, but one of the best for Internet marketers is Kiosk. They understand Internet marketing and will work with you to try to make your business a success.

For example, if you get a random spam complaint, they will not automatically shut down your site like other Web host providers will often do, but will contact you to inform you about the spam complaint and advise you to remove that person’s contact information from your subscriber list.

Don’t feel that they won’t get tough with you if you have a history of spamming people, however; if you have a history of spamming people, they’ll shut you down quickly like any other Web host provider would, but if you have a clean history and get a random spam complaint out of the blue, they will most likely work with you so that you can avoid any downtime to your business.

Plus, if you are planning a major product launch and expect tons of website visitors and sales from it, you can inform Kiosk ahead of time of the product launch date and time and they will do their very best to watch over your site to make sure that the site and traffic servers stay online throughout your product launch so that you don’t lose any sales, profits, and reputation from a downed site or crashed traffic servers.

It is certainly critical to choose a good domain name registrar and hosting company that provide excellent customer service to assist you in operating a successful online business. Without a good domain name registrar and Web hosting provider, you have virtually no chance of building and sustaining a successful online business. Therefore, it would be wise to evaluate as many options as possible for both domain name registering and Web hosting and to choose the two that you think will work best with your business both now and in the future.

6. After your hosting account is activated, which may take up to a few hours after your manual activation, go to YouTube and watch a few tutorials on how to use NVU. Just type ‘nvu tutorials’ in YouTube and there will be plenty of helpful videos teaching you the basics. You can also type “free website templates” in Google and download free templates that you can edit just the titles and texts to save time in actually designing a home page for your community website.

7. type “GIMP download” in Google and click on the first link to go to a website to download the free picture editing software, this will work as a toned down PhotoShop but is nonetheless free and very powerful to use. If you don’t know much about image editing, GIMP will be more than enough.

8. Type “GIMP tutorial” in YouTube and that should also lead you to several helpful tutorials (you can also search on YouTube for “GIMP text effect” “GIMP text tutorial” etc. to find your individual needs) and get familiar with GIMP.

9. Once you have your basic website designed, log on to Filezilla with the host account name and password that you can locate on under ‘account manager’ and then ‘hosting account’. If you haven’t set these up yet, you will have to set these up as they are not automatically set up upon purchase of a web domain and hosting account from

10. upload your website using filezilla (can also be done with GoDaddy’s server uploader which can be found on GoDaddy, but Filezilla is a superior program) so that when you now type in your web domain address in your browser, your homepage pops up.

11. type in “phpbb” in Google and go to the first link and download the latest version of phpbb. This will be your forum software.

12. upload the unzipped phpbb folder up to your hosting account as well using filezilla, then type in your browser [] The exact address might be slightly different depending on what phpbb version is currently out so make sure you Google “how to install phpbb forum” and follow more detailed guidelines.


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