Ways to Encourage Comments on Your Blog Posts

Today, a lot of internet marketers resort to blogging as one of their strategies in promoting their business. Not surprisingly, blogging generates a positive result since many people today spend their time visiting and reading blogs and most of them also maintain their own blogs.

To get enjoy more positive response from your blogging, one of the best ways is to encourage your readers to participate and express their thoughts by leaving a comment mywebmagazine.co.uk. Here are some practical internet marketing tips on how you can urge your readers to respond or leave a comment on your blog posts:

Write with a personal tone. Using a conversational tone of voice can help you urge your audience to leave comments on your posts. Make it sound as if you are really talking in front of them. A personal or friendly approach when addressing your readers would make them feel that they really part of the post and that they are welcome to express their own thoughts about what they’ve just read.

Ask your readers to leave a comment. Be sure to ask your readers to leave a comment at the end of each post. Most people would gladly oblige to do so if there is a direct statement asking them to. For instance, you can use statements like “Please, leave your comment on this post before you go,” or “Feel free to share your own suggestions about this post.” It can also be a question such as “Do you have anything to add to this topic? Your comments are greatly appreciated”.

Ask a survey question. You can also add a polling question at the end of your post. Let us cite an example. You have written a post about a specific gadget or product, you can then ask your audience if they have tried it. If not, you may ask what product do they use and would they recommend? Or you can also ask your audience whether they agree or disagree with the post you’ve written.

Blog about hot topics. People love to read about hot topics, such as the latest news, gossip or fascinating stories. A post that is interesting will surely capture your readers’ attention and the next thing they will do is share their views or leave their opinions about your post.

Offer freebies or giveaways. You can also offer free stuff for the visitor with the most comments for the month, or for the person with the most interesting answer or comment left. People love to win prizes and surely, giving away freebies would encourage your readers to type in their thoughts.

Respond to your reader’s comments. Make sure that you also leave an appropriate response after every reader’s comment. Never forget to thank them for their comments. This will encourage audience participation and would make your readers feel that their efforts are appreciated.

Include a “get notified” or “alert me” link. Give your readers the option to subscribe to your comment page when there is a response to their comment or each time a new comment has been added. This way, when you or another reader has replied to their comment, they would know right away.

I know if you could predict the future you probably wouldn’t need to be looking for an internet business income opportunity or worrying about making money on the internet from your blog. You would be able to back all the winning horses, or make a killing on the stock market or pick the winning lottery numbers. Sure this is just fantasy right. Just bear with me for a while.

Do you remember when the plane landed in the Hudson and within minutes pictures of the story began to circulate the web. Of course we all remember the heroic efforts of the pilot in saving the lives of many and preventing what could have been a horrible unthinkable catastrophe. Almost instantly Twitterers were tweeting images of the plane floating on the river. The story was breaking news all over the globe. The TV stations had no reporters on the scene and the BBC and ABC were screening pictures captured on mobile phones.

Apart from depicting what could arguably be described as a miracle this story manifests how much our world has changed over the last decade. There would have been no pictures for at least several hours. The full story would not have been read for the best part of a day when the inevitably slow press machinery had gone to work. But there was something else going on. Due to the modern technology the story was self perpetuating, people were talking and sharing, the story gathered momentum. In a word it had enormous, massive, self perpetuating BUZZ.


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