The March Of The Penguin – How Google Penguin Could Change The Way We Blog For The Better

However, we were reading some SEO articles recently and came across a number of articles about blog writing and guest blogging as a way of pushing up keyword rankings, and how The Penguin is going to ruin it all. Really? Is the Penguin bad news for SEO and blogging? We don’t necessarily think so.

Guest blogging, and blogging in general is a good thing. It’s a brilliant way to keep your content fresh, connect with your followers and boost your rankings. Guest posts are really powerful as ways to get noticed by followers and search spiders Sherry Dyson. The thing is,it is also used as a form of back-link building, so it may become a Penguin target. In fact, it more than likely will.

We don’t think this is a reason to stop blogging altogether though, far from it. We think that blogging is still one of the best ways to build a following as you create content, post and share. It lets you build a solid reputation online and good blogs always have a positive effect on SEO.

Many experts believe that the link building on guest blogs will change as a result of Google Penguin. They are most probably right but we also think Penguin will affect bloggers in other ways too, and they’re not necessarily all bad.

Link to lots of good quality, respected websites: The Penguin won’t like sites where all their links point to one website. It’s going to be much more fruitful in the long run to cast your net far and wide and create links to lots of well ranked websites that are relevant to your content and have a natural connection. That’s the key here; keep things natural and encourage growth of links with your high quality blogging content, not just blind back links for the sake of it.

Don’t load your content with keywords as this will get spotted and be automatically devalued. Loading your content with hyperlinks back to your own website is another way to encourage the wrath of The Penguin. But if you’re creating high quality content and building a real following, why would you need to?

Be bold, create good content and let the quality of it speak to your readers and followers. If you are an authoritative voice on the internet you’ll come across people who want to follow you and link to you by choice, not because you loaded your text with links to your website.

The secret is to create activity and content which in turn develops natural following, linking and sharing. It’s this natural behaviour which will boost your rankings. Google’s Author Rank will also help, so make sure you author your content. As your following grows, so will your author rank which will have a direct and positive effect on your overall ranking.

Don’t be tempted by so called SEO professionals who offer flash in the pan PR and back link services. These tactics just won’t work anymore. Thankfully, the days of poor quality press releases and filler content loaded with links will be a thing of the past. The internet is awash with the dross and detritus of literally billions of fruitless attempts at SEO rank boosting. Thankfully, less of it will be created now, because there really is no point.

We wonder how long it will take for the SEO cowboys to catch on though. A simple search still reveals companies flaunting empty promises of high rankings with their SEO services. Take a closer look and you’ll see they are simply using old methods that don’t have the power with Google that they once did.

The way forward is to be extremely choosy and use discretion about any content you publish in your name. Don’t underestimate how powerful The Penguin and the search spiders are these days. And remember, they’re not there to make your life difficult; they’re there to find the real stars of the internet – the content royalty – the sites really worth looking at.


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