How to Properly Size White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are a beautiful choice to complete any proposal clearance tungsten rings. Even though you’re sure she will like the piece because white gold engagement rings are her favourite, how do you know what size the ring should be? A ring that does not fit is a ring that cannot be worn, so you’ll want to make sure you get the sizing right. Here are some ways to size the bride-to-be’s finger.

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Before shopping, you should know that the average woman is 168cm tall, weighs approximately 64kg, and has a ring size of L1/2. You can adjust up or down depending on how slender her fingers are, or you can be sneaky and do some investigating. Finger sizes tend to correlate with overall physique, so given the above baseline, adjust from there accordingly. If you have jewellery she wears on a middle finger, note that size and then drop down one.

Do you have access to her jewellery box? Does she take her rings off to sleep or to go in the shower? Find a ring she wears, and trace around it on a piece of paper. You can also slide it on your finger and use a pen to draw two lines where it stops. White gold engagement rings can be sized properly by any jeweller who is equipped with such information.

Choose someone she is close to, such as a sister or friend who could steer her toward a jewellery store when they are shopping, presumably to try on rings for themselves. This also may be useful for gathering information on which types of white gold engagement rings she likes best. If you are close enough to her mother, sister(s) or girlfriends, they may also know her size and could just tell you.

Like all jewellery pieces, white gold engagement rings are easier to resize down to a smaller size than to enlarge. If you can’t obtain her exact size, err on the side of slightly larger than what you think you may need. In this case, ring guards are an inexpensive temporary solution. They just pop inside the ring to help it fit on a smaller finger. This way she can wear it and show it off until you get the ring properly resized. Some rings are more difficult to resize, namely tension settings, pave bands, or rings with side stones. Some metals like titanium and tungsten cannot be resized at all.


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