Newbie’s Guide to Internet Marketing (Themselves) – How to Make Money Online

So, you want to be an internet marketer? I have some advice for you… and a secret. I’ll tell you the secret at the end of this, first the advice. Before you do any marketing, before you buy the latest and greatest “secrets of the top producers”, before you buy the guru’s e-book, before you do anything… invest in personal development.

Why do I say that? Well let’s think about that for a minute KICKASSTORRENT. Whatever it is you decide to market, you want people to see you as a leader that they want to follow right? You want people to “join your team” and buy your stuff, right? If you are not comfortable with yourself, how can you portray yourself as a leader? If you aren’t confident, not full of energy and wisdom, who is going to follow you?

My suggestion is this; go to your local bookstore. Barnes & Noble is my favorite, but choose one you like or are comfortable in. Find the “Self help and improvement” section kickass movie 2. You’ll find many good titles and authors there, browse until you find one or two you like. Personally, I’m a big fan of Dr.Wayne Dyer and also Jeffrey Combs. Take a look at those two but there are many others; Steven Covey, Napoleon Hill, John Milton Fogg, Timothy Ferriss to name a few.

Take your selections home and read them, digest them. Re-read them and highlight important passages. Make notes in the margins, do whatever it takes to get yourself into a state of “wellness”. Now, everyone is thinking “I’m well, what do you mean?” Ok, so you may be well, but do you have the confidence and do you project that confidence? Do you display the attributes of a leader? No one will follow you if you don’t.

You see, internet network marketing is more about you than it is about the product you’re promoting. So many new marketers get online and try to sell a product, or tout a “new” compensation plan, or brag about the great team leaders. That doesn’t get it. People don’t care. They want to know who it is they’re buying from, who they’re joining. And, they want to be made to feel comfortable about it. They are looking for value, so make yourself valuable.

Once you’ve done the personal development assignment, begin studying marketing methods and techniques. It wouldn’t hurt to buy an e-book or two that I said not to buy first. It’s okay now, you’ve done the personal development thing, right? Study copywriting, John S. Carlton’s “Kickass Copywriting Secrets” is an excellent copywriting book for. Learn about article marketing, about videos, about blogs, about classified ads, forums, hub pages. Take in as much knowledge as you can about all of these subjects. Then dive into Web2.0, social bookmarking, and social networking. At least learn a little about all of these and how they can help you. Google each topic, you’ll be amazed at what all you find.

Now you’re ready to begin some marketing. Put together a landing page or have one made for you. There are free website builder tools available, just study some of the landing pages you’re attracted to and emulate them. Don’t copy them, emulate them.


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