The Overwhelming Value of a Consistent Business Blog

To the sound of coffee beans grinding in the background Tom is perusing his favorite online sources for the latest news. He finds bits and pieces of ‘gold’ in about three stories and allows the threads to work themselves together while he begins brewing a pot of coffee for his early morning missive.

It doesn’t take long for Tom to write his morning blog and place appropriate links. He’s focused on his industry and has committed himself to a daily overview of the best information available He has a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed and he Twitters a link to each new post.

Once he’s finished posting the material he grabs a quick shower and gets ready for the rest of the day. By the time he gets back to his computer he’s already received a few comments and his online store has been visited a few times.

For those who start a business blog it is important to know that a person like Tom needed to be patient and dedicated to get to the place where his blog was trusted enough to be regularly read by online information consumers.

Many will stop before their business blog ever really had a chance to take off. An entrepreneur can wrongly assume that if the blog isn’t successful in 60-90 days then it was a waste of time. The truth is it can take some time for individuals to find and use a blog they trust. They want to know if it is consistent and valuable.

Face it; there are a lot of blogs out there just waiting to be read. Some are exceptionally good and others are, well, not.

The bad ones can make it harder for new blogs to get a fair shake. That’s why giving up early just accentuates the futility of business blogging if you’re not committed long term.

For Tom it is early mornings when he feels the most revived and at his mental peak. He likes to get up early and his readers have come to expect a morning wakeup call in the form of hand-selected information.

Tom stays sharp and tuned into his industry. The selection of news is not especially difficult because he’s made it a priority and delivers on his promises.

Some business owners will blog once or twice a week while others will blog more than once a day. A lot of it depends on their own personality and the interest generated by readers. If the consumers demand more it may be beneficial to oblige by giving more.

A business blog can be an important tool for business owners because it invites conversation between multiple parties. Most think it is a conversation posted by the blog owner and a response to the owner by a reader. Sometimes readers will respond to each other as well.

Perhaps the greatest dynamic of a blog is that it provides a platform for a business owner to really listen to what consumers are saying. Readers will post comments in a blog that they would not likely post in an email. This allows the greatest potential for honest feedback – if you’re willing to pay attention to what’s being said.


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