What Is Maca Root?

Peruvian Maca – is one of the roots and tuber crops of higher protein content. Until recent years, this nutritious root of the Andes was little or nothing known for the vast majority of the people thereof, Peru (except the inhabitants of the Andes) and clearly ignored by the rest of the world.

Maca (also known as Peruvian Maca or Maca Andina) has an amazing quality to grow to extraordinary heights: from 3800 to 4800 meters high in the most inhospitable Andes mountains, where temperatures are extreme, from intense heat morning to frost on the night, icy winds, snow and persistent high intensity of sunlight Gluteboost. In this hostile area, where there is little oxygen, there is rare vegetation grow only potatoes and maca bitter. There are no trees, no plants only a few centimeters tall.

This tuber, insignificant aspect of tuberous root size and shape of a common radish, is easily dried in the sun and maintains its nutritional qualities, with high levels of iron, for several years storage. It is an excellent food and Incas also used it for its fertility-enhancing action and its effect on sexual behavior.

There have been numerous successful studies on the activity fertilizer Peruvian maca animals and humans. In 1980, scientists from Germany and North America who were doing studies of the herbs in Peru, rekindled interest in its current Maca, naming it “the lost crops of the Incas.”

Some of the ingredients that have been identified: amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary metabolites.

1. Maca – History:

Anthropological evidence has been found in the cultivation of maca in Peru since 1600 BC. Maca was considered by the Incas as a gift from the gods. They also cultivate maca as food, Lamac – cultivated in the Andes used for religious ceremonies and ritual dances. Spanish chronicles report that during the conquest of Peru, animals brought from Spain not play normally at this point, the natives warned the conquerors who fed their animals with maca, with what they got th


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