Satellite TV Stars Hunting For Paranormal Proof on “Ghost Hunters”

While it may seem that the world has gone batty for vampires, there is still a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel, or not, for the world of ghosts and ghouls. This is most clearly emphasized by the Syfy Network’s flagship series named, appropriately, “Ghost Hunters.” The show takes not only its crew of supernatural and psychic experts around to different and supposedly ‘haunted’ locations in the US and abroad, but attempt through scientific study and technological studies to prove that ghosts either exist, or do not. As with the great majority of supernatural and ghost hunting shows, there is never any footage that definitively proves the existence of ghosts (if there were, it would probably be broadcast on more satellite TV networks than just Syfy) but the evidence is overwhelming that some locations have a little something ‘otherworldly’ going on.

Prime techniques used in the attempted exposure of real life ghosts include imaging with photographs and video cameras, sound recording with super intensified playback, detection of energy fields, and temperature readings. During the program, the team epic Fantasy world takes over a location suspected of being haunted, and attempts to collect evidence. Whether or not the results are concrete, viewers love getting a bit of a scare, the real world element to it all, and the reactions of the ‘Ghost Hunters’ themselves who are often noticeably freaked out, as they should be.

Now in its seventh season on satellite TV’s Syfy network, “Ghost Hunters” starring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson is linked in with TAPS, or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. This is an organization which dedicates itself to the study of paranormal activity by following up on reports of haunting of various people and places. Due to its runaway success, the Syfy network also launched two spinoff shows, namely “Ghost Hunters Academy” and “Ghost Hungers International.” While other networks may try to sneak their own copycat shows in there, real fans of the paranormal know that the original with its TAPS stamp of approval simply can’t be beat. Even skeptics are guilty of filling up their DVRs with back episodes.

Routinely the top rated program for its time slot, “Ghost Hunters” is likely to be around for quite a while, which is a good thing since the world doesn’t seem to be running out of reports of haunting any time soon. Since the advent of high definition digital audio and visual recording, the ghost seeking game seems to have changed quite a great deal. Small details and barely audible noises can now be distinguished from the background noise, making those tiny signs of life, or the lack thereof, all the more apparent. The problem is that many viewers stay skeptical about the influence of ‘satellite TV magic’ on such programs, and wonder whether or not everything they show on TV really happens, or if it’s simply added in to make good television.


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