Personal Spiritual Life Coach – Maitreya Ascended Master

You have now reached a cross roads in your life. You are awakening to your life’s true purpose and are seeking a personal spiritual life coach to guide you along your spiritual path in life. So where should you turn to for guidance?

Maitreya is a spiritual life coach for the new age. He is an Ascended Master, a highly evolved spiritual being who has ascended from the Earth plane who is in charge of the Office of Christ.

Maitreya was in charge of the Office of Christ when the Christ Energy was channeled through Jesus some 2000 years ago. The Earth has now evolved to the point where Maitreya can directly speak to the people of the Earth. Maitreya refers to himself as the World Teacher – the ultimate personal spiritual life coach.

Maitreya’s teachings are profound and detailed. He talks intimately about what you need to do at this point of time when the Earth and its people are entering the new age.

Maitreya’s teachings are simple and straightforward. Everyone can understand plainly what they need to Life Coach in Santa Rosa Ca do in their life to live a more spiritual life, and to prepare themselves for the spiritual ascension of the Earth plane and its people in the year 2012.

Not everyone will choose Maitreya as their personal spiritual life coach. A person must resonate at the correct vibrational frequency to feel comfortable with the new age teachings of Maitreya, who speaks on behalf of all the thousands of Ascended Masters that include Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama the Buddha, and Mother Mary.

If you choose Maitreya as your personal spiritual life coach, you will begin to feel a shift and rise in your spiritual vibration as your mind is opened up to the Truth of humanity and what lies ahead.

Maitreya reminds us that it is not the messenger that is important, it is the message. And if you read or hear the message, and it feels right for you then accept it as part of your being. If the message does not feel right, then disregard it and move on to another.


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