Using Your Head – Healing Through Indian Champissage

Your head contains your brain and so many nerves that create synapses, pathways and the release of cerebrospinal fluid. The thoughts in your brain actually stimulate your pituitary gland to secrete different hormones, some that help you relax, some that stress you out, some that increase repetitive thoughts and some that help your body to heal. Imagine having a full head massage, gradually allowing your brain to let go of tension, cease its endless flow of thoughts, and just relax into the moment. Imagine how the rest of your body might feel if your head became more and more deeply relaxed. Now this is possible with a very special type of massage 송파스웨디시.

What is Indian Champissage? I read about this intriguing healing modality in a recent article published in the Florida Journal of Massage Therapy by M. Susan Walsh, a certified massage therapist and also certified Champissage Practitioner who studied in London and practices in Virginia.

Champissage is a unique type of head massage introduced in 1981 at the Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition in Olympia, England, by Narendra Mehta. He developed this unique method, based upon the ancient Ayurvedic healing system which included head massage. “Champi” is the Indian word that means “head massage.” In traditional Indian families, women would often combine head massage with specific oils to keep their hair beautiful and strong.

Narendra Mehta, born in Bombay, India, and blind since the age of one, had received “Champi” throughout his childhood and developed a keen sense of touch to compensate for his lack of vision. In 1973, he moved to England to train as a physical therapist. When he realized that head massage was not readily available, he returned to India to research and master this ancient healing technique.

Learning from barbers working on the scalp and women strengthening their hair, he developed and fine tuned his techniques. Eventually, he added additional body parts including the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders.

Have you ever rubbed the head of a young child, your intimate partner or your favorite pet? Can you recall the look of contentment, ease and peace on the face of the person whose head is being massaged? Have you ever enjoyed having your hair washed and your scalp massaged at a hair salon or barber shop? Our heads have many nerves and membranes that may become taut and restricted. Gentle head massage can release the tension and ease the chatter in our mind.

Now imagine receiving a Champissage, a type of head massage with specific ancient techniques used to relieve specific tension patterns. And imagine that the skilled hand techniques have been researched and documented. Wouldn’t you like to have such a head soothing experience? I know I certainly would enjoy it.


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