Wii Nerf Sports Pack Review

The Wii Nerf Sports Pack are accessories that you can attach to your Wii Remote to enhance the enjoyment of playing various sports game. The pack comes with a soft baseball bat, golf club and tennis racket. They are about a third of the size of the actual sporting equipment and made of soft rubber. A Wii Remote can be inserted into the bottom of a handle that works with all three different attachments. The sets come in black, red, blue and green.

The Wii Remote is actually what is directing the game but the accessories do give you a more realistic experience of playing the sport. You can use the attachment when playing Wii sports 안전놀이터.

The baseball bat is a lot of fun to play with. The weight of the bat is not very heavy, but it does help to give you more of the sensation you would get when swinging an actual bat. One thing that is kind of annoying is that you have to remove the handle with the attachment when it is your turn to pitch.

The golf club doesn’t give a lot of momentum to your swing but it does help with holding your hands in the proper position. Holding the Nerf golf club does help to keep your shoulder in as well.

The tennis attachment can be a little tricky to get used to. I found that sometimes Wii Sports didn’t recognize my swing, but sometimes it did. So it might take some practice to get it to work.

One thing that is a little bit annoying is the button that you push to unlock the different sports attachments from the handle is kind of hard to push. It might be difficult for younger children to use to switch sports by themselves.

Overall the Wii Nerf Sports Pack is well built and does help to add to enjoyment when playing the Wii sports games. I didn’t do too well with the tennis attachment, but the baseball bat and golf are a lot of fun. The golf club, especially really helped me with my grip and swing. The soft foam has a nice feel to it and of course like all Nerf products makes it safe to play with in the house. The material also adds a little extra weight without being too heavy which helps to make the attachments feel like real sporting equipment.


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