Shopping in Bangkok, Made More Fun

Bangkok is synonymous to shopping for most travelers. The cheap prices of almost everything, supported by the magic of haggling, are just too awesome to not pay attention to. The city teems with shopping malls, markets or just simple stalls, which operate day and night in order to suffice the incessant interest of both tourists and locals on shopping sprees.

As said, there are a lot of areas in Bangkok dedicated to fantastic shopping experiences, making people book air tickets to the city without hesitation. Here are some of the most popular destinations 레플리카:

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Known to many as the market of all markets, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is considered as the largest weekend market in Bangkok. Featuring almost 8,000 stalls, it is where people can literally shop until they drop. Stalls are classified according to the product they sell, making it easy for the shoppers to locate what they need. Clothes, handicrafts, food, delicacies, flowers, and antiques are just some of the items sold here.

Shopping Malls

Bangkok is brimming with shopping centers. Here and there, it is very easy to find malls that would feature designer stalls or more expensive stuffs. These shopping hubs also feature dining and entertainment establishments, completing the package. Most of the time, these malls also serve as the meeting place for the young ones. Among the most famous shopping centers are the MBK, Siam Paragon, and Central World.

Night Markets

Like any capital city, Bangkok could also be dubbed as the city that never sleeps. This is because even after dark, the public can still access different establishments; and as for shoppers, there are so many night markets around. Cheap items are sold like souvenirs and clothing, but there are also a lot of stalls selling delicious Thai delicacies which would surely fascinate anybody’s palate. Believe it or not, the night markets are one of the major reasons why people camp in front of their computer to avail different flight promotions to Bangkok. Must visit places? – Patpong Night Market and KhlongLod Night Market.


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