Dubai, A Luxury Tourist Destination

Dubai, the city’s most developed emirate of the UAE has grown, thanks to its oil reserves. The city has benefited from its resources to develop with large investments in luxury hotels and tourist sites in futuristic. Dubai wants to conquer the top spot in terms of luxury tourism.

Dubai, located in the Persian Gulf, is the most luxurious of Arab cities and most developed of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates. Starting from nothing, the city has become one of the finest and most luxurious cities in the world since the discovery of oil reserves in the late 60s. The desert was erected an oasis of luxury and modernity turned increasingly to Futurism. It is now the preferred destination for tourists and businessmen with its skyscrapers and hotels are the most starred in the world, but also because of its trade opportunities. Recently, the tallest tower in the world, which is eight hundred feet high, was inaugurated in the city.

Dubai, a city of many facets 레플리카

Under the blue sky of the Middle East, Dubai is immersed in an arid subtropical climate with a permanent heat 20 to 30 ° which can reach 50 ° C in summer. The city covers an area of 3885 km ², but the majority of the territory is occupied by the desert of Rub Al-Khali. The expansion of the city has resulted in a high population growth; Dubai is home to some 2,015,000 people of different origins. Thus, it became the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates with 65% foreigners, including migrant workers from other Arab countries, India and Southeast Asia. Other languages such as Hindi and Persian are used commercially, although the official language is Arabic. The most dominant religion is Islam but Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhs are also practiced. This city full of contrasts became the birthplace of several multinational subsidiaries. However, Dubai confers no rights of ownership of land to foreign investors, except leases of 99 years.

Tradition in the heart of modernity in the city of Dubai

The city of Dubai has retained its traditional appearance Arabic with narrow streets and white houses. Dhows port, the Souks (market) and local crafts are real Ali Baba’s cave. Legacy Village at the entrance of the Canal Dubai is the separation between the world of the past and the future. New neighborhoods consisting of individual residences were built along the desert and are traversed by the main artery of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed Road. This eight-lane highway leads to business districts and provides access to resorts. Dubai is a modern city with modern buildings and futuristic and people adopt a way of life in the West. Although jealous of her Arab culture, this city is growing day by day and does not seem ready to abandon its ambitions.

Dubai, a city without borders

Dubai city is an important center of maritime trade. It is already beginning to build a future without oil and diversify its economy in new technologies, business and luxury tourism. Dubai has already gained worldwide fame with its sights such as the Burj Al Arab is the only 7 star hotel in the world, or the Palm Islands, The World, Dubai Marina, Hydropolis, Burj Khalifa and Burj Dubai. Dubai is also considered the world capital of shopping malls with its impressive as the Dubai Mall, and the popular souks Shopping Festival which takes place every year. Wanting to become the world’s top destination for luxury tourism, Dubai has embarked on the construction of a second international airport and two subway lines and a third line provides. Projects equally fascinating and spectacular were considered, such as the proposed new artificial archipelago called the “universe”, the Lyon Dubai City, Dubai Sports City and skyscrapers over 600 meters tall sheltering offices, shops and a large luxury hotel with rooftop gardens. It is obvious that only invests in Dubai pharaonic projects to impress and attract wealthy tourists and businessmen.


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