Embrace Your Inner Online Dating Skeptic

Joan, a 42-year old divorcee, quickly grew tired of going to clubs and gyms, and church functions to meet men, so she stepped into the world of online dating 交友網. At first, she thought skeptically about meeting people online. Joan often hears horror stories about men who faked entire lives in online dating websites, then ended up being married, or worse in real life.

But, once Joan learned the positive aspects of her skepticism regarding online dating 香港聊天室, she quickly became much more comfortable with the people she met online, and you can too.

It’s perfectly natural to be skeptical about new experiences in our lives–and, despite the recent surge in popularity of online dating websites, the market still has some kinks to work out before we will feel entirely comfortable sharing our thoughts speed dating 推介, hopes, and dreams with complete strangers who exist to us as nothing more than a photograph and an online profile out in cyberspace.

So, before you begin to allay your own fears about online dating, understand that they are perfectly natural. It’s especially prevalent in today’s world where people may or may not tell you the truth about themselves.

So, embrace your skepticism. A little bit of fear about meeting people online can not only keep you out of potentially harmful situations where you might put yourself at risk in a dating website, but it can also ensure that you stay away from the online dating duds: the men who still live in their mother’s basement, or commit themselves to band practice with the guys every Friday night, or still spend most of their waking hours holding an XBox controller in one hand and a Michelob in the other…at the age of 45.

Just don’t let your skepticism about online dating and the people who do meet people online in chat rooms and online dating websites stop you from having your own online dating adventures. After all as long as you stay safe when talking to people online, and meeting them face to face, the experience is quite similar to meeting people in bars, gyms, church functions, or wherever else you go to meet people.

There’s a plethora of information that you get in an online dating profile on the vast numbers of online dating websites strewn across cyberspace. So, instead of basing your attraction to a man on whether or not he buys you a drink, as you might in the bar, when you begin to try out online dating, you know plenty about a person before you ever speak to them.

The fear about online dating comes in worrying that people might lie to you about themselves, which is perfectly understandable. But, who’s to say that those same people that you trust in real life might not lie to you just as easily? There’s a certain amount of trust that we must invest into any relationship, whether it develops in an online dating website or chat room, or down at O’Malley’s Bar at the end of the street.

So have fun, and stay skeptical because those horror stories about online dating that Joan heard, seem to always come from the mouths of naïve women who’ve been burned by an online dating disaster. Just be glad that they learned the horrors of online dating websites, so that you don’t have to.


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