The 411 on Nail Fungus

If there is one thing that all people with nail fungus agree on is that it is embarrassing. While everyone is enjoying the summer months with open shoes or flip flops a person with nail fungus opts for wearing sneakers and even to wearing socks with sandals… you have seen them. But there are more powerful reasons besides being able to show your toes in public to take care of your feet; nail fungus can be life threatening to people with some conditions.

One of the most common nail fungus infections is onychomycosis which is characterized by dull and thickened nails. There is also an accumulation of debris under the nail that can cause bad odor. This is the result of the person creating the perfect conditions for the fungi to grow and thrive in their nails. Remember why your mom always made you dry your feet and apply talc before putting your shoes on? The fungi needs a warm and moist environment to grow. Wet socks and shoes either from water or sweat create the perfect environment for a nail infection to develop. Get in the habit of carrying an extra pair of clean socks in your car or bag for after you go to the gym, jog outdoors, or fail to beat the downpour that caught you by surprise.

I did mention that for some people nail fungus presents a bigger threat. The Mayo Clinic website advises its readers with diabetes, AIDS, and weakened immune systems to seek medical treatment for nail fungus as it can “lead to other serious infections that can spread beyond your feet” (Mayo Clinic, 2011). If you are not in any of these groups and your infection is in the first stages there are a range of treatments Fungus Clear available that go from the home remedies to laser targeted treatments. An example of a home remedy many people swear by in the treatment of early nail fungus infections is administering Vapor Rub to the infected area and even a mixture of Listerine and water. There are also over the counter treatments like Zetaclear that uses a combination of a 2-step solution that combines a topical solution with a powerful homeopathic spray to help clear nail fungus fast. Newer treatments include pills and medications prescribed by your doctor and laser treatments that kill the fungi without harming the nail or skin.

Whether you are embarrassed by ugly nails and dream of walking bare footed in the beach or are worried by the implications of an untreated nail infection it is important that you consult your doctor for the best treatment to follow. Your feet deserve the same attention you give your hands, your hair, and face; failing to do so can ruin more than a perfect day in the beach.


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