Construction Engineering Jobs

Construction engineering is the management of the construction of structures such as bridges, airports, railroads and reservoirs. This job also involved in the design of brief structures, site layout surveys, testing of materials. These jobs are comprised of all engineering positions in the real estate and construction sector. Job openings are available with builders, construction companies, public welfare departments, high way authorities, and government construction departments.

The most commonly offered positions in this field include:

– Civil engineer,
– Construction engineer,
– Construction director,
– Site engineer,
– Construction manager,
– Civil draftsman,
– Construction design engineer

Education and Experience:

These jobs needs a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering or civil engineering. Older positions in the area usually require ten or more years of experience. Graduate and Post graduate degrees in the areas of civil engineering, engineering management, or business administration are also considered an asset. A construction engineer must have a professional engineers (P.E.) license which can be obtained through sitting the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and Principles and Practice in Engineering Exam.

A typical college construction engineering curriculum is a mixture of engineering mechanics, engineering design, construction_management and general science and mathematics.

Construction_Engineer job duties vary greatly and can include any number of the following:

– Investigation of Construction Sites
– Technical and Feasibility Studies of plans and locations
– Development of detailed design
– Risk assessment and analysis and management
– Personnel Management Leadership and Labour management skills
– Labour Management
– Budget and Equipment Management and purchase
– Deadline Management
– Triumphant candidates for jobs in this field must also possess the following skills:
– Critical thinking
– Listening skills
– Problem solving
– Monitoring and decision making

There are four main types of job distinctions:

Entry-Level Construction Engineering – involved in the initial part of architecture. They are usually in  棚架搭建 charge of analyzing reports, basic cost and resource schedule planning, soil testing and drawing the architecture design.

It involves in the study of the customer’s requirements and preparation of plans.

Survey Construction Engineering – Survey engineers research and monitor the development of all activities during construction process and ensure that the work was done according to the plans.

Seasoned Construction Engineering – Manage the entire of the construction project and documentation; and are the bridge between the owners and the workers.

Job prospects for construction_engineers fluctuate with the economic climate. Since job prospects have been poor for the past two years there has been a decline in the demand for jobs in the construction sector. In the United States, the architecture industry suffered a 24.7% unemployment rate in early 2010.


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