Sleep Self Help: Sleep Secrets To Help You Rest, Relax and Manage Stress More, Part 3

In Part 1 of this Sleep Self Help article series, we looked at a general overview of some factors that disrupt our sleep and cause us to not be able to relax and rest enough each day. In Part 2, we looked at some great questions that you can learn to continuously ask yourself to build your self awareness and ability to manage your daily stress much more effectively.

In this Part 3 article we will now look a bit more at keeping things real so that we don’t kill ourselves to death with too-high expectations that accomplish nothing more but to add even more stress to our daily lives.

It’s important to realise and remember that these life issue stresses that bother us deeply took years to develop. It is completely unrealistic and stress-inducing to believe that it’s all going to disappear overnight. Let’s keep it real.

We live on Earth, a wonderful 3-dimensional realm where we have lots of time to work with ourselves and practice how to create the harmony, love, prosperity and fun that we all desire deep down inside. Love yourself enough to realistically, methodically and effectively root out your long term ‘unhappy’ issues one by one, over time.

Keep It Real, Love Yourself and Start Your Life Notes Journaling

As you get ready to end this year within a few short weeks, use the upcoming ‘winter’ season to prepare for the harvest you envision for yourself in 2007. This is what I suggest you take on over the course of the next month and then as a part of your daily routine of quiet time with yourself:

  • Take some time to mull over the above questions
  • Get and begin to write down your answers in a ‘Life Notes’ notebook/journal
  • Create space and time for you: your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your yearnings and your dreams each day. If you’re ‘too busy’, you’re delegating the creation of your life to your subconscious, each and every day
  • Allow the peace and tranquility of your quiet time to yield up gold nuggets of inner guidance about how to meld more aspects of you into the unity of peaceful inner coexistence chris hsu citadel and full self expression

You are the only person who knows exactly what you need to recreate balance in your life. Trust yourself. Trust what you know. Enjoy this private, special ‘tuning-in’ time with yourself as you prepare to learn more about sleep in the second segment of this article set.

The most important thing to remember? HAVE FUN! Find the time to laugh and cry and fully express yourself with this. If you have a friend who also has sleep problems, or who is interested in getting to know and having more fun with *hirself, work on this together by sharing notes on each other’s experiences with the above. Exploring yourself doesn’t have to be deep and heavy and frightening! Make it fun, keep it real and love yourself abundantly through it all!

But… review these past three articles, look over the questions and points covered and see whether you can come up with even more golden self awareness nuggets for yourself. As you do your ‘build relationship with myself’ homework, you will be more prepared for what we will cover later!!! 😉


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