Wrinkle Hunting – Six Ways to Stay Looking Young

Keeping your skin looking young and fresh is in no way a simple thing to do. Generally, from your mid twenties onwards, age begins to show to a certain extent on everybody. Most people find that they get wrinkles and fine lines around their eyes and mouth as well as the forehead. If you can act early enough, it is possible to prevent a lot of the signs of aging before they ever show.

1. Drink Plenty of Water – It’s for a good reason why this is so often given as a must do for anyone looking for good health. We are no different to any other living thing on the planet which requires water to stay alive and regenerate ourselves constantly. If your skin is deprived of hydration, it is going to shrivel and age far more quickly than skin which is kept watered. If you’ve ever had a plant which has been starved of water you will see it droop and sag. Provide it with a good watering and it will miraculously perk up – your skin behaves in pretty much the same manner.

2. Don’t Smoke – In addition the other long list of health problems associated with smoking, it can significantly increase the speed at which skin ages. The phrase smokers face is recognized to mean the specific deep lines around the mouth which are as a direct result of the constant pouting required and.

3. Keep Out The Sun – The suns rays age the skin very quickly. Tanned skin is certainly pleasing on the eye, it is a temporary state of affairs unlike the aging that sun exposure brings about. Use a high SPF factor suncream, stay in the shade or cover up.

4.Combat Winkles and Fine Lines – If wrinkles and fines lines have taken hold, it is possible to fight back. There are many products which are available which can significantly help  Derma Prime Plus reduce the signs of aging although most of these simply hide the signs as opposed to stopping the process entirely. The other major weapon in the arsenal is to stimulate your own collagen production to remove wrinkles by using devices such as derma skin rollers.

5.Get Good Genes – OK, it’s admittedly too late to do anything about this now, but your genetic make up is a major contributor to the speed at which your skin is susceptible to aging. For those more prone to wrinkles, making the right lifestyles choices becomes even more important to try and delay, reduce or avoid the onset of aging skin.

6. Beauty Treatments – There are lots of anti aging treatments available which can strip away the upper layers of skin to reveal a new fresher looking surface. Although it is possible to get good results, there are many cases of serious problems as a side effect to treatments such as skin peels or laser based therapies. Approach these solutions with a high degree of caution.


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