Best Smartphone Phones – Realme Pro Vs Mini

If you own or are planning to buy a smartphone with camera then I have to say that the best is without doubt the RealMe 5. The RealMe 5 pro is the ultimate companion for your professional camera. This device is equipped with the most sophisticated photography functions, namely: stabilization, touch screen capture, white balancing, panoramic photos, and much more. The real pro’s key features include:

Realme 5 Pro Price in India, Specifications, Comparison (8th June 2021)

On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro has also been released ahead of the holiday season and it is also equipped with the same high quality cameras. But unlike the real 5 or phone, the mini-pro is smaller in size. The real 5 pro phone is much larger and heavier than the mini. It’s also worth noting that the real pro’s price is much higher than the mini. Well, in this article, I will give an in-depth review about the real pro and compare it with the mini realme 5 pro.

When it comes to the camera, both devices have similar camera features, but the real 5 pro has slightly better video recording capabilities. The mini has a higher pixel resolution but the real 5 pro has better sound recording capabilities and high-speed memory, both with SD card. The pro has a clearer and wider screen size and also has better color accuracy, especially when it comes to auto color adjustments. The real 5 has an updated version of Windows operating system and has Android operating system support, which is surprising since the mini has Android run Kit Kat on it. In addition, the real pro has an enhanced visualizer and also a notification center, which provides better functionality than the mini.

Now let’s look at the technical specs of both devices and see how they compare. Both devices have the similar hardware specification, which includes: Mega pixel camera, optical zoom, laser auto focus, digital camera, high-speed memory, voice dialer, text-to-speech capability, and microSD slot. The realme pro has more pixels in each eye (which gives better pictures), higher photo resolution (smoother transition from photo to video), and the laser auto focus feature is very fast even in low light conditions. On the other hand, the mini has fewer mega pixels in each eye and has lower video resolution. However, the mini also has a lower battery life, which is probably because the screen is smaller, and has less memory compared to the real pro.

The next thing to compare is the memory capability, which can be determined by looking at the manufacturers specifications of both the devices. The real 5 pro has 1GB of memory and the mini has only half that. On the other hand, the real pro comes with a microSD card and the mini does not. In this case, the mini comes out on top, since the real or uses a removable card, while the realme has no microSD card and its memory capacity is limited to the realme memory card.

Finally, let’s look at battery life and performance. Both devices offer about four hours of talk time and about an hour of standby time. With these measurements, it is pretty obvious that the real 5 to Phone will perform better than the mini in terms of battery life. In fact, the real pro battery weighs significantly more than the mini, which could be the reason why it lasts longer in comparison to the mini. Either way, the real pro offers satisfactory performance and it is hard to go wrong with the mobile phones based on these tests.


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