LG 37LF7700 Review

The LG 37LF7700 is a great TV, Audio and Video set. Sleek and handsomely appealing it stands with its smart black frame. It is a flat screened television, compact in style which belies all its unique and pleasing features.

The LG 37LF7700 sports a 37 inch screen display with a great pixel resolution of 1080 x 1920. It has a response time of 5 ms – nice and quick. The best picture quality stands at 1080i HDTV but has even more clarity of image at 1080p HDTV with the use of Blu Ray. 16:0 Native is the aspect ratio of this LG product and brightness is 500cd/m2. The full viewing angle is 178 degrees, which is approximately eight degrees more than its present counterparts.

Freesat Television is a big feature of the LG 37LF7700 television, audio and video combination. This is HD built in to this set and means that it boasts free ITV and a free digital satellite service by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Freesat can be used with both SD and HD. With this television, you will have more motion stability and more attractive colour by using Freesat instead of Freeview.

What exactly is Freeview you may be asking? It is a digital broadcasting signal which is available to the United Kingdom but not in the Republic of Ireland – yet. As far as this LG product goes, its compatibility with Freeview seems to leave much to be desired. Some complaints have been made about the colours on Freeview looking too gauche and unexpectedly unreal. Unstable picture motion has also been noted. Viewing on Freeview with this LG may not be very pleasing due to slight shuddering now and again. Although this can be a major issue for some users of this product, others hardly notice and are quite satisfied with the Freeview/LG colours and stability of motion. In any case, by switching  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic  over to Freesat, these problems are eradicated – although some still feel that the colour is slightly unnatural.

The sound system of this set is powered at 10 Watt. The loudspeakers have been tuned by Mark Levinson expertise (a fact that LG never fails to mention). It shows though, as the sound is impressive and will not fail to please.

The LG 37LF7700 set is compliant with Energy Star. This means that your set uses less energy and electricity than those without the Energy Star commendation. It also means that you will be doing your bit for the global environment. If that doesn’t make you happy, what will? A quick note about the remote – it features a nice array of digital shortcuts, which is always handy.

A Dual XD Picture Processor and Intelligent Sensor II Technology is one of the features of this product and it has a 50 HZ scanning capability. Bear in mind that with LG sets, the 100 HZ scanning attribute comes only with the 42 and 47 inch screen sets.


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