Various Advantages of LED Lighting

Conservation and energy-saving are the foremost step to make energy sustainability. LED Lighting reduces energy wastage by 50%-90% as compared to traditional lighting products. They do not contain hazardous substances that possess threat to the environment. The future of lighting depends upon energy-efficient LED light bulbs. As a result of efficiency and cost effectiveness of LED lighting systems, their demand in the market has geared up. These are widely used in street lights, at homes, offices and outdoor signs because of their low power consumption and eco-friendly lightning.

Let’s have a look on various advantages of using LEDs.

1. Long Life- the LED diodes and bulbs offer an exceptional working time of up to 100 hours. This is equal to 11 years of continuous illumination or about 22 years upon 50% operation. Unlike conventional lighting bulbs, LEDs do not burn out. With the passage of time, the illumination lowers down and becomes less bright. As they have a long life, you do not have to worry about regular replacement.

2. Energy Efficiency – unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs are highly efficient. They offer 80 to 90 percent of efficiency. This light bulbs means that LEDs convert 80 percent of electrical energy into light energy while the rest is wasted as a heat. In conventional bulbs, 80 % is wasted as heat and only 20 % of the energy is utilized.

3. Eco Friendly LED’S are made of thin layers of semiconductor material mainly silicon and germanium. These materials do not produce any toxic or hazardous substance that may have an adverse effect on people or the environment. These are 100 % recyclable and do not cause carbon emissions thus make the environment clean and green. On the contrarily, fluorescent lights contain mercury that affects brain, kidney and lungs.

4. Durable Quality- LEDs are highly durable as they are made of sturdy components that can withstand the toughest conditions. These can easily withstand shocks, vibrations and external impacts. They are an excellent outdoor lighting product and works well during rains and winds.

5. Low Power Consumption- for the LED illumination a low voltage is enough. This feature makes them illuminate with solar energy source. In rural and remote areas this technology is widely used.

6. Zero UV Emissions- the LEDs does not cause any UV radiations thus are highly suitable in UV sensitive areas such as art galleries, museums and archeological sites.

7. Operational in All Temperatures- Low temperatures affect the fluorescent lamps operation where temperature does not cause any effect on LED illumination. They run well in extreme hot as well as cold conditions.

8. Design Flexibility – LEDs are available in varied shapes, sizes and colors. These are joined together to get highly efficient illumination. Well designed lighting systems offer fantastic lighting effects that not only suit to eyes but also refresh mood.


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