Most Helpful Natural Menopause Supplements For Weight Gain Problems

Have you ever considered the advantages of taking menopause supplements for weight gain worries?

Losing weight during menopause is often disheartening for a lot of ladies, particularly as the average weight gain during menopause is generally about 12 to 15 extra pounds!

Along with that, health conditions that include heart related illnesses, adult onset diabetes, hypertension and/or cancers escalate significantly.

It would therefore be wise for you to control excess weight gain, especially when going through the menopause years.

Losing Weight During Menopause – Three Reasons Why It May Be Difficult

More and more research is beginning to reveal that declining levels of female hormones can be the root cause of an increase in weight during menopause.

During mid-life a lady’s body shape and body fat distribution slowly starts to shift and since hormone levels continue to fluctuate and drop, removing extra weight throughout menopause is going to be somewhat trying without planning and implementing a few changes to diet and lifestyle.

For most ladies, it is really a never ending challenge while they battle with losing weight after menopause.

Allow me to share three fundamental factors why this may be so:

Metabolism Usually Diminishes As We Age

A 50 yr. old person no longer requires the same amount of calories each day as they did when they were 25 years old even with activity levels staying the same.

Consequently, putting on weight during menopause can not be effortlessly staved off or even sidestepped without the need to simultaneously reduce the number of calories consumed each day and/or increasing activity levels.

The unfortunate truth is that most women are likely to become much less active as time passes!

Normal Estrogen Production Decreases

A significant factor that recent research has connected as being a manifestation of low estrogen release can be a considerably increased desire for food.

Studies have now confirmed that hunger actually increases as your estrogen levels decrease.

Menopause Belly Fat Storage

In menopausal women excessive fat stores generally land in and around the stomach area.

The stomach area is really the most conducive area used for the on-going production of estrogen hormones, hence when estrogen levels decrease, stomach fat of course accumulates because it helps to create all-important estrogen.

Waist circumference, for the most part, thickens Biotox gold and increases as stomach fat starts to accumulate in this area.

Typically referred to as ‘visceral belly fat‘, this toxic and harmful belly fat connects itself to principal body organs; namely in your chest and around the heart area, liver, and gall bladder.

Medical researchers are not always sure as to why such a thing happens, but research apparently points to reasons which include bodily hormone secretion, stress symptoms as well as family genetics.

Conventional Treatment Options vs Non-Medicinal Menopause Supplements for Weight Gain Problems

Researchers have tested out conventional drugs that have an estrogen-like impact on the body; they were shown to minimize the quantity of weight that laboratory animals gained after removing their ovaries.

Unfortunately, these types of drugs also resulted in health threatening, unintended effects.

As an illustration, most traditional menopause treatment options like HRT, have already been linked to a higher occurrence of cancer, coronary disease, blood clots, and stroke where used for extended time periods.

100 % Natural Menopause Supplements for Weight Gain Challenges

An alternative choice to man-made hormones absolutely does exist and not remarkably it originates right from Mother Nature herself.

Phytoestrogens are actually plant elements that when consumed, come with an estrogen-like impact on your body.

They are known to assist to decreasing the symptoms of menopause in women and can additionally play a huge role in helping to lessen menopause weight gain effects.


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