Use the Right Essential Oils and Wrinkles Will Recede

Moisture content in skin is extremely important and too little is one of the primary causes for the onset of wrinkles. Many people use moisturizers to fix this problem and all of them contain some kind of oil. And there is a direct connection between essential oils and wrinkles. However, not all are equal – some are more suited for your skin than others. Here are a few of the best essential oils for the health of your skin.

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By far, olive oil is most like the natural oil in your skin. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks have known about this one for centuries and used it as a skin beautifier. It brings natural moisture to dry skin and continued use will only improve your look hair moisturizer.

In that it provides compatible moisture, it will reduce the effect of wrinkles. However, it won’t remove them because there are other processes in play. For that, you can use some other essential oils and wrinkles will really start to fade.

Avocado oil is a wonderful part of a strategy to get rid of wrinkles. It’s particularly soluble in the dermis layer of your skin which it means it really penetrates, bringing moisture not just to the surface layer, but much deeper.

But even more important is its proven connection with the stimulation of collagen and elastin. These are two proteins that give your skin tone, firmness and strength. When we’re young, the levels of these proteins give the skin strength not to wrinkle. As we get older, our skin’s ability to produce these proteins slows down.

The foundation of any natural anti wrinkle treatment should therefore be to stimulate the skin’s ability to ramp up production. And avocado oil does this – probably the best example of the relationship between essential oils and wrinkles. That is, use the right ones, and the wrinkles recede.

Jojoba oil is another gem. This one is very similar to the natural sebum of your skin and really moisturizes gently. Babbusu oil is another – and should be included in any talk of essential oils and wrinkles. This one works particularly well in the eye area of the face. Skin here is more delicate and prone to other aging processes. Babbusu oil is a natural emollient which really smoothes out this thinner skin and helps make the wrinkles recede.

Most understand the connection between essential oils and wrinkles or even fish oil and wrinkles but the truth is, essential oils by themselves won’t be enough to take away the wrinkles – even if they are an essential part of any strategy that’s going to work. You need to consider a few other natural ingredients that work directly at boosting the skin’s production of the two youth proteins, reducing free radical activity and increasing hyaluronic acid content.


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