Premium Starting Hands and How to Play Them in Texas Hold’em Poker

In order to win consistently at poker, you need to 에이스홀덤 understand which hands are profitable to play and which aren’t.” – Poker Author Mike Caro

Texas Hold’em differs from many other forms of poker (especially Draw or Stud) in that players use a core of common cards. Knowing which hole cards are worth playing pre-flop and which to fold is an important skill. Though it is true in Hold’em that, with luck, any two cards can win any given hand, it is not true that any two cards can win consistently. I have seen the types of starting hands played change in the last five years with the predominance of televised poker.

The game of controlled aggression has turned maniacal at times, with many players playing (or praying) with hole cards that should never see a flop. When one plays a tight-aggressive style, sticking to the premium starting hands is the first factor to consider. It is common to go one or two rounds without getting a solid starting hand to bet: Patience is the virtue you must possess if you desire to succeed. You should only play less than premium hands under two circumstances: to enhance your table image or to protect your blinds. For now, you should look at the most profitable of the 169 combinations of hole cards available in the standard 52-card deck and the betting strategy you use with them for each of the three positions on the table.



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