How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring – Choosing an Engagement Ring

Money is tight right now for many people. But don’t put off the engagement yet. There are ways to save that may keep you from needing to postpone your plans. You can purchase beautiful engagement and wedding rings that she will love and still save. In this article, tips are provided for some cost cutting measures for choosing an engagement ring.

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First let’s address the notions of how much to spend on an engagement ring. Many men are accustomed to thinking that, if you can’t devote a month’s salary or more to purchasing a ring, you should forget about proposing. There is nothing wrong with spending what you are comfortable with spending. If you have it and are comfortable spending the previously mentioned amount, that is fine. But should you really put off making someone your wife and starting your life together because you don’t have it? A little delayed gratification can go a long way nhẫn mỹ giá bao nhiêu.

My first suggestion is to pick an engagement ring with the look of what you want. What I mean by this is you can buy the ring setting you like and substitute for the center stone which is likely the most expensive part of the ring. If it is a diamond, the substitute could be moissanite, a high quality diamond substitute, or a gemstone. If it is an expensive gemstone, the substitute could be a lower cost, same or similar color gemstone. You could then plan to keep the ring as is or to purchase the diamond or gemstone desired later, perhaps as an anniversary gift.

My second suggestion for saving money is to buy engagement and wedding rings with the stones you want that you can afford now and buy her an entirely new ring later when you are more established or financially secure. This ring could be treated as an upgrade to the engagement and wedding rings. In this case, the original engagement ring could then be worn on the other hand or another finger. The stone from it could also be set in a different ring design altogether. It just depends on whether or not you would want to keep the original ring intact.

The third option is to buy engagement and wedding rings with the stones you want that are affordable now and continue to wear the rings as engagement and wedding rings. You would purchase the new ring as an anniversary ring. There is no rule stating that anniversary rings cannot be more expensive nor have more or larger diamonds or gemstones than the wedding rings. For many couples with modest resources because they are just getting started in their professions this is a viable option as well as because of the state of the economy.

The most important thing to remember is to buy engagement and wedding rings that you are comfortable with purchasing. Whether you buy them and replace the stone later or upgrade the entire rings as new engagement and wedding rings or anniversary rings, it is never a mistake to live within your means. Hopefully this article will help you do that and still propose to and marry the person you want to spend your life with.


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