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Have you been waiting to transfer your 16mm film reels to digital in Toronto, but don’t want to put it off any longer? Digital+ is a locally owned and family-operated 16mm film transfer company in the Greater Toronto Area with more than a decade of film transfer experience. You can get your memories to us easily by dropping off your reels at our Halton or Toronto location or by mailing your memories to us with our trusted courier, Xpresspost. With Xpresspost, you can track your memories as they make their way to us quickly and safely. As soon as your 16mm film to digital order is received, we will give you a call right away! To make it a hassle-free film transfer experience for our customers, we will happily cover the return shipping costs with Xpresspost. If you’re ready to finally start enjoying the memories you captured on 16mm film once again, choose Digital+ to handle your 16mm film to digital transfers in Toronto!

Ever tried your hand at creating banners and other displays only to find your work shoddy, totally unprofessional and not exactly as eyeball-grabbing as you had hoped? Not to worry, every guy with an event to organize and free time to blow has been there at least once in his life. We often take designing for granted and spend half our time with an ever smug smile that conveys a religiously false belief in our inner artistic abilities, only to crash to the ground in futile desperation the day before the event while staring at our half baked version of what apparently is supposed to be a radical poster. Find yourself nodding your head in silent approval? Then this article is for you, my friend.

Pardon my no-nonsense approach and focus on the bigger picture instead because designing is an art best left to the professionals, the bunch of people who know their work and who can deliver the perfect goods at the right time Transfer 16mm Film to Digital Toronto. In a World where advertising is everything and people need to constantly market themselves and their skills for the highest bidder with no qualms about selling the apparently inherent soul of their art, art design is certainly a serious issue. Publicity is an important aspect of any event, because that is what captures peoples’ minds and ensures a great turnout by kindling and playing with their curiosity. Business is simple math, the more people you get across to, and the wider is your client base and the more successful your business becomes. This is precisely why we need to go the extra mile to ensure that the posters and banners that we create to promote whatever our product is, is in entirely safe and reliable hands. The banner needs to tap on to the public in an informal way so that it gives them a sense of identification with the cause being promoted, and its content should gnaw on their mind even hours after they’ve actually seen it. High end technology should also be used to convey a sense of professionalism and technical excellence. is a website that provides all this and more, as it can be effectively be perceived by the webpage content. The company, Mega Digital Imaging, is based near Toronto, Canada and provides services on designing and printing banners, posters, portable displays, signs, canvas portraits, floor graphics, backlits, presentation materials and even vehicle graphics. They use high end technology and print on a variety of materials ranging from vinyl, films, photo base paper and art paper to canvas and also fabrics. Their products are guaranteed to last the test of time, thanks to their use of eco-sol Max inks which also give the design a rich and colourful feel. Adding yet another feather to the loaded cap, the company is also an established member of the Signs And Graphic Association (SGIA). Their website is truly the site to visit for anyone stuck in an artistic fix with nowhere to turn to.


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