How to Encourage Your Guests to Take Pictures Through Photo Booths

Yes, it is true. Some of your guests during your important celebrations do not take pictures via photo booth hire service. There are varied reasons why. They may be just too shy, cannot have their own turn as some groups of people dominate the photo session scene, or are just totally indifferent and stoic when it comes to picture taking. However, it is your desire that all of your guests should have their pictures posted in your album so this is really a problem. How can you then encourage your guests to use the picture booth? There are several ways to do so. Here are some suggestions.

1. Take pictures with them. It will be a dishonor to the party host if guests will not indulge his or her request for a photo. When you notice that some of your guests are still adamant to take their pictures in the photo booth, a little encouragement from you by inviting them to share photo taking opportunities will help. This way, these people won’t have any excuses as to why they cannot take pictures in the photo booth.

2. Threaten them with penalties. This suggestion works both for the super indulgent and the timid ones. Let everyone know how many pictures they are allowed to take and should any one of them exceed the limits, they will have to pay for the excess. This will discourage picture taking addicts and give room for others. Since pictures are developed quickly, request the crowd to wave the pictures and those who are empty handed will be given time to have their pictures taken and should they fail to do it, they will be asked to sing or dance or any penalties that you can think of.

3. Offer rewards. Even if the prize is a small token, it can definitely encourage guests to have their pictures taken through photo booth hire services. People love to win even if the titles are wackiest post, silliest pose, widest grin, and funniest face, among others. In addition, having this strategy adds more fun and excitement to your party.

4. Donate to charity ploy. Some of your guests might need an appeal to emotion in order to encourage them to have their pictures taken from a photo booth. A donation to a san francisco photo booth charitable cause gives social responsibility credence to your occasion and incites good deeds from your guests.

5. Make the pictures as their meal ticket. Nobody wants to be hungry and thirsty during parties, especially if the food is delicious and drinks are literally flooded everywhere. Thus, your guests will definitely fall in line in the photo booth before they can dig in their fork in their favorite dish.

All it takes is a little imagination and creativity when you want your guests to take their pictures in the photo booth. These suggestions add thrills to your party and might be a good conversation piece the morning after. If you have problems with guests who offer lots of excuses just to escape from taking their pictures with photo booth hire service, try the suggestions above.


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