What Services Are Included In Contract Packing?

The definition of contract packing is the process that a product goes through before it is shipped to the end consumer. Different products will require differ types of packaging. For instance fragile items need to be protected to prevent cracks and breaks, whereas food items require packaging that will keep the contents fresh.

This article will explore what is included when opting to use external contract packing services.

Hand Assembly

Some businesses require products to be packed by hand rather than by an automated process. This is often the case if items are fragile, are part of a gift set, light industrial or promotional. It is worth double checking that the company you go for offers this service.

Promotional Pack Design

Promotional items are often an integral part of a successful corporate campaign. An external packing company will ensure that the packaging represents the challenge or idea your promotional item is hoping to achieve.

Labelling and Bar Coding

All packaged items will be both labelled and bar coded correctly, so that the load can be traced all the way to the consumer. This ensures that not only the item is received by the correct person but also that the person receives the correct item.

Reverse logistics

All packaged items should be disposed of properly if required and this is where reverse logistics comes cosmetic packaging in to play. This not only ensures this but also allows items to be reused and thus preventing the business resulting in losing money.

Stretch Wrapping and Heat Sealing

Stretch wrapping ensures that items are tightly bound and often used to keep pallet loads together; it can also be used on smaller items. The most common material used for stretch wrapping is linear low density polyethylene (LLPDE), as it has a high break and puncture resistance.

Some products will require heat sealing; this process can connect two similar materials together and two different materials, as long as one has a thermoplastic layer.

If you are unsure as to which method will be right for your load, talk to the external company as they will have experience in this area.

Quality Control

Before the load or item is dispatched quality control should come as standard. This ensures that the end consumer does not end with a faulty product due to faulty packaging, which is very frustrating for both the customer and the manufacturer.


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