Search Engine Optimization – Get Your Brand New Site to the Top of Google in Weeks

First you should select 3-4 keywords for your new site. These keywords should be long tail keywords which have 3 or more words to the keyword.

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Long-Tail keywords are a lot less competitive than the shorter 1 and 2 word keywords and they are also more specific. This is why you should target these at first to try and get some targeted traffic from these keywords. Once you have mastered these then you can move onto the shorter keywords. This works for me on all my sites.

So for example if my new site was selling dog food it would be better to target long-tail keywords such as “cheap pedigree dog food” and “cheap food for dogs”. The reason for this is because you will get ranked higher for these keywords as they are less competitive. Once you start to generate some traffic through these long tail keywords then you can move on to targeting the more competitive keywords such as “dog food” 먹튀사이트.

On page search engine optimization plays a big part in search engine optimization (SEO) and this is what you should use to boost your rank, target your long-tail keywords and integrate them more efficiently into your web pages.

The title of your page/site is the first place to start the optimization process. Let’s do an example to make it easier. We have now found our 3-4 keywords for our new site as mentioned above. Your page title should contain ONLY those keywords.

Your page title should not look like this:
“Welcome to our website”.

It should contain all your top 3 or 4 keywords. However a page title such as the one below would still not be good enough:
“Cheap pedigree dog food and cheap food for dogs and discount dog food”.

It contained all our top 3 keywords however it needs to contain ONLY our top 3 keywords. The title below would be a perfect example:
“Cheap pedigree dog food | Cheap food for dogs | Discount dog food”

Once we have our page title then the next step is to optimize our headings on the page.
Our heading 1, in the ‘H1’ tags of our page should contain our most important long tail keyword for example, ‘Cheap pedigree dog food’. The heading 1 should be as far to the top left of the page as possible.

Our heading 2, in the ‘H2’ tags of our page should contain our second most important long tail keyword for example, ‘Cheap food for dogs’. The heading 2 should be a subheading of heading 1 and should come after heading 1.

Once we have our headings we need to create the main body of the page. You should evenly scatter your keywords throughout the body of the page to give you better results however DO NOT overdo it. One keyword per paragraph is plenty.

Then you need to optimize you images on your page. You need to change the alt tag of your images and also the name of your image.

The code below is an ideal piece of code for our image:
img src=”pedigree_dog_food_image.jpg” width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”cheap pedigree dog food”

That is just about it for your on page optimization. Now you need to concentrate on your off page search engine optimization.

This requires exchanging links and getting back links with other websites.

Your anchor text for your links should be one of your main keywords for your site so for our example of dog food we would use our top 3 keywords for our anchor text, which are “Cheap pedigree dog food”, “Cheap food for dogs” and “Discount dog food”.

Remember to vary your anchor text for different back links on different sites though. This is because if you use the same anchor text in all of your back links, the search engines will see this as anchor spam and this could damage your rankings rather than benefit them.

You need to get quality back links for your site. Quality back links are links from high traffic and high page rank websites. It is also a necessity to get links from sites that have similar or matching content to your website.

The best way to get quality back links is to search Google for websites with related content to your website and email the website owner asking them for a link exchange. A good way to get them to exchange links with you if you have a new site is to let them know you have recently exchanged links with some high traffic and high page rank sites.

If you are selling products on your site it is always better to keep your links to other sites on a separate links page as people visiting your site will not be directed to the sites you have exchanged links with and buy their products instead of yours.

And that’s all you will need to do. Once you have your on page optimization in place, all you need to do is work on your back links and keep adding content your website and sure enough you will move closer to the top of the search engines in no time and faster than ever before.

This article was written by Jonny Hardwick, a top internet Entrepreneur, Enthusiast and Marketing Strategist. Jonny has years of experience in various aspects of internet marketing, such as affiliate marketing and direct response and is the ‘go-to’ guy, if you are looking for quality, ‘no-fluff’ information products and courses related to internet marketing.


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