Football Betting – An Introduction

Football betting

Football betting is the act of placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event and predicting the result. The frequency of individual sports bet upon ranges greatly, with most bets being placed regularly on games that are played in major international leagues. The betting rates are also dependent on the country the event is playing in, as well as the level of competition. The European football betting is a bit more aggressive than American football betting.

In football betting one must be aware of the point spread, commonly known as the vig. A point spread is a number that indicates how many points are left on the game clock before the game ends. It is also commonly referred to as the spread. The higher the spread, the more winning chances there are for the underdogs. Generally, the favorites to win the most of the games and the underdogs win the fewest แทงบอล.

In order to get the best chances at winning you need to bet early, either before the game starts or just before the ball is put in play. Early betting enables you to get a better look at the team and the players. You can make use of your intuition to choose the right bet depending on the point spread and the performance of the team. There are two kinds of betting strategies – straight betting and parlay betting.

Straight betting is when you select one team and place a single bet on them. If they win the bet, you make the second bet equal to the amount of the first bet. You then have to wait till the game has ended to make your next bet. For a successful parlay you must know the probable outcome of the game.

If you bet using your intuition, the chances of winning the bet would increase if the team you selected is playing poorly. If they are doing well, your intuition would tell you to bet for the best possible team so that you could make more profits. You would win the bet only if you bet on the right team. Your winning percentage depends a lot on your guess about the point spread.

To keep a check on your profits, you can calculate the probability of winning the wagers by dividing the total number of points by the number of wagers made. The formula also takes into account the number of teams playing in a league. For instance, in a six-game league, you would expect to see a profit of about 1.33 per cent. It means that about one third of the bets made would win and the other third would be lost. Football betting can turn out to be a profitable business if you understand how to calculate the odds and use them judiciously for making profit. Even though you might lose sometimes, the returns can help you in building your finances.

Parlay betting, in which you place a bet in a fixed time for every game, is an excellent option for those who do not wish to risk a single penny. This is a good way of learning how to bet and getting into the groove of it. If you make a wrong bet, you can easily reduce your losses without incurring any further losses until you have a clear idea about what you are doing. In a game as competitive as football, this is one aspect that can help you get started with your betting.

Another way to go about football betting would be to take the services of a bookmaker. Most bettors nowadays prefer to go for bookmakers because of several reasons. Firstly, bookmakers offer valuable betting advice where most professional punters have had experiences. They would know about the game better than you and will therefore be able to advise you on what team to bet on depending on the form, performances, injuries and other factors. Moreover, bookmakers employ the use of different statistical analysis tools to guide their bet on a team.


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