Holistic Yeast Infection Treatment

Yeast infection consists of a fungal infection caused by fungi of the Candida specie. The infection is referred to as Candidiasis and various kinds of treatments are used for curing the disease. Holistic yeast infection treatments involve the use of herbal therapies, home remedies, homeopathic methods and other therapies that provide relief. The herbal therapy consists of the usage of various herbs such as aloe vera which can either be applied topically or taken internally. Branberry can fight infections and provide relief. Herbs like Calendula, Marshmallow roots, yarrow and goldenseal can be used for making keravita pro tea or douching. They are known to fight yeast infections.

Sitz bath is another therapy that is recommended in holistic yeast infection treatment. This is useful in getting relief from the itching. 3 tablespoons of vinegar or yogurt can be added to a liter of warm water. A woman can sit on this water 2 times a day, until the symptoms are resolved. This is considered an effective holistic treatment. Moreover, other herbal products like Chamomile, cinnamon and dandelion can be used for treating yeast infection. The anti-fungal properties of Echinacea make it very helpful in treating the infection. The natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Pau d’arco or lapacho or taheebo is very effective in curing the infection. It can either be used in tea or as capsules. Clove tea can also be tried as a holistic treatment method.

Maitake tea can be prepared as regular tea and is beneficial for holistic yeast infection treatment. Certain dietary modifications are also very useful in getting rid of the yeast. They result in changes in the body and do not allow the Candida albicans to grow. In course of time, they die and the infection is cured as the pH level changes and the fungi do not have enough food to survive. Holistic treatment recommends the dietary changes that include the intake of homemade or plain yogurt, acidophilus supplements, fresh garlic or garlic capsules. Garlic suppositories can also be used. Boric acid can also be used in holistic treatment as it is effective in killing the fungi. Herbal douches can be made with equal parts of mugwort, comfrey root, yarrow, rosemary, peppermint and alum. This is particularly helpful in treating the infection.

Holistic treatment for yeast infection also involves the usage of certain homeopathic medicines. Borax, Calcarea carbonica, Kali bichromicum and Kreosotum are some of the medicines that can be used. However, their usage and dose depends on the type and severity of the infection. All the medicines are not suitable for everyone and depending on the symptoms exhibited, they are prescribed. Holistic treatment also involves certain methods that prevent recurrence of the infection. This includes wearing clean cotton clothing which is laundered in unscented detergents, avoiding contact with perfumes, deodorants, chlorinated water, mothballs and other potentially irritating agents. To prevent oral thrush, toothbrushes should be changed at least once in a month.


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