Seven Reasons Why A Countdown Timer Is A Must In Effective Time Management

Much is said about time management. However the term has begun to apply to a wide variety of subjects ranging from list management, project management and even up to the idea of maintaining one’s personal energy. All these are important but we need to look at the term itself. Time management, if one looks at the actual words, means, actually, the management of time. It includes the management of the seconds, minutes and the hours of our day.

I have found, running several businesses and wearing many hats (as do many of us) that the use of a simple countdown timer can work wonders. I want to point out 7 reasons why using a timer can help us get more done and even reduce stress.

Here are 7 excellent reasons why all of us should be using a countdown timer:

1) Timers improve our awareness of time. A first rule in the successfully handling anything is to confront and become aware of it. Just as we get overweight in life by idle eating and not really paying attention to what we put in our mouths, we can also waste our precious time as though it is a limitless possession. A big reason diets work is that they cause us to pay attention to what we are eating. Our use of calories, of money, and of our time expand beyond what we need and what is healthy unless we become aware of how we use these commodities. We need to be aware of these things to control them. Use of a timer is the way to become aware of and to control time.

2) Timers break time into manageable bits. Goals are best conquered in stages, in degrees and in steps. The hours in 百達翡麗 our day are no exceptions. Timers allow us to break our lives and activities into manageable bits.

3) Just as a diet contains a firm decision not to exceed our caloric intake or fall shy of our agreed-upon exercise., a countdown timer, along with a personal agreement to play by the rules, will help keep us from straying from one task to another. Successful multitasking is a myth. We accomplish the most by doing things one at a time. The decision to use and to follow the countdown timer helps us to stick with our own decisions and helps us to maintain discipline in our use of time.

4) Timers help teach us to look at tasks in terms of units of time. Rather than just say “I’m going shopping” one looks at the action as a 90 minute commitment and this helps to predict just how it fits into the hours we have during the day. This imposes a sort of order on our time and our lives. This can certainly reduce stress.

5) Timers help a spot wasted time and, in fact, help us to evaluate if that time is truly wasted or not.. For instance, if we causatively set aside a finite period of time for interruptions and a timer, properly used, can help us control those interruptions. It is something like keeping a diary of what we eat-and the occasional shock as to how much we put away your waking hours. Using a timer allows us to better allocate where we spend our time.

6) Using a timer allows us to understand the nature of action. All tasks, all actions that we do or take during the day are actually cycles of action. A cycle of action always has a start, a change, and a stop. This understanding can impose a an amazing amount of sanity into how we operate in our lives. A timer is an excellent way of emphasizing this basic truth of life.

7) There’s nothing wrong with loafing. A countdown timer can put great control into our lies allowing us to find times to loaf, to play, to take a nap and to do all it guilt free. Again, with the diet metaphor, we love our desserts now and then but we must be careful not to get carried away with them. Same with loafing time. A countdown timer helps us to assure that we have time to play and helps us keep an element of control over those moments so they are properly balanced with the other important things in life.


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